White Hill (Nova Scotia)

Coordinates: 46°42′00″N 60°36′00″W / 46.70000°N 60.60000°W / 46.70000; -60.60000
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White Hill
Highest point
Elevation535 m (1,755 ft)[1]
Prominence535 m (1,755 ft)[2]
Isolation151.6 km (94.2 mi)
Coordinates46°42′00″N 60°36′00″W / 46.70000°N 60.60000°W / 46.70000; -60.60000
LocationVictoria County, Nova Scotia
Parent rangeCape Breton Highlands
Topo mapNTS 11K10 Chéticamp River
Easiest routeHike

White Hill[3] is a peak in the Cape Breton Highlands and is the highest elevation point in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.[4]

Located on the plateau 15 kilometres (9+12 mi) northwest of Ingonish and 33 kilometres (21 mi) northeast of Chéticamp, the peak is situated in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and is accessible only by hiking. It is a remote, large flat hill, covered by small spruce trees rising from a marshy, barren, windswept upland about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the nearest road and 10 kilometres (6 mi) from any maintained hiking trails.[2]

Survey monument[edit]

There is a first order Natural Resources Canada Geodetic Survey Division Station (Unique Number: 23105) on the summit, consisting of a marker, a brass/bronze disk, set in the top of a concrete pier on a small bedrock outcrop. There was a metal tower marking the site, but it was lying on the ground as of 2008. The station was surveyed and placed in June 1923 and the marker was renewed in 1963. The station was inspected by helicopter in 1976 and 1987.[5][6][7]

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