White Vengeance

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White Vengeance
White Vengeance poster.jpg
Hong Kong poster
MandarinHóng Mén Yàn
CantoneseHung4 Mun4 Jin3
Directed byDaniel Lee
Produced bySong Guangcheng
Wang Zhe
Zeng Peishan
Written byDaniel Lee
StarringLeon Lai
Feng Shaofeng
Liu Yifei
Zhang Hanyu
Anthony Wong
Jordan Chan
Andy On
Xiu Qing
Jia Qing
Music byHenry Lai Wan-man
CinematographyTony Cheung
Edited byTang Man-to
Beijing Starlight International Media Co., Ltd.
Distributed byMei Ah Entertainment
Release date
  • 29 November 2011 (2011-11-29)
Box office160 million yuan (China)[1]

White Vengeance, also known as Hong Men Yan, is a 2011 Chinese historical film directed by Daniel Lee, starring Leon Lai, Feng Shaofeng, Liu Yifei, Zhang Hanyu, Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan, Andy On, Xiu Qing and Jia Qing. The film is loosely based on events in the Chu–Han Contention, an interregnum between the fall of the Qin dynasty and the founding of the Han dynasty in Chinese history. The film's Chinese title is a reference to the Feast at Hong Gate, one of the highlights of that era.



  1. ^ 格尼 (Geni) (25 September 2012). ""鸿门宴"成平壤电影节开幕片 反响热烈获好评 (Translation: "White Vengeance" is the opening film at the Pyongyang Film Festival. The response is enthusiastic and critical reception is good.)" (in Chinese). mtime.com. Retrieved 13 May 2013. [...] 取得了国内票房1.6亿的票房佳绩,[...] (Translation: [...] grossed a remarkable 160 million RMB at the domestic box office [...])

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