The Story of Han Dynasty

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The Story of Han Dynasty
The Story of Han Dynasty.jpg
DVD cover art
Genre Historical drama
Directed by Wei Handao
Creative director(s) Xia Nan
Starring Hu Jun
Xiao Rongsheng
Jacklyn Wu
Kristy Yang
Wang Gang
Li Li-chun
Theme music composer Zhang Shaoting
Wang Jian
Opening theme Tianxia Shi, Yiju Qi (天下事、一局棋) performed by Dai Yuqiang
Ending theme Kan Qing (勘情) performed by Zhu Hua and Liu Yanyan
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 21 (China)
50 (other regions)
Executive producer(s) Wei Handao
Huang Weiming
Producer(s) Li Qingyu
Huang Yonghui
Location(s) China
Editor(s) Zhou Changfu
Liu Lan
Running time 45 minutes per episode (50 episodes version)
Original network CCTV
First shown in 2003
The Story of Han Dynasty
Traditional Chinese 大漢風
Simplified Chinese 大汉风
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 楚漢風雲
Simplified Chinese 楚汉风云
Second alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 楚漢風流
Simplified Chinese 楚汉风流

The Story of Han Dynasty is a Chinese television series based on the events in the Chu–Han Contention, an interregnum between the fall of the Qin dynasty and the founding of the Han dynasty in Chinese history. The series was first broadcast on CCTV in China in 2003. Directed by Wei Handao, the series starred Hu Jun, Xiao Rongsheng, Jacklyn Wu, Kristy Yang, Wang Gang and Li Li-chun.



The series was aired on CCTV as 21 television films in mainland China. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions, the series was broadcast in the form of 50 episodes, each roughly about 45 minutes long.

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