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Whitefriars College
Whitefriars College crest. Source: www.whitefriars.vic.edu.au (Whitefriars College website)
156 Park Road
Donvale, Victoria 3111
Coordinates 37°47′26″S 145°12′1″E / 37.79056°S 145.20028°E / -37.79056; 145.20028Coordinates: 37°47′26″S 145°12′1″E / 37.79056°S 145.20028°E / -37.79056; 145.20028
Type Independent, Single-sex
Motto Latin: Almae In Fide Parentis[1]
(In The Care Of A Loving Mother)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Established 1961
Chairman Peter Duffy
Years 7-12
Enrolment 1,200
Colour(s) Brown, Gold & Navy Blue
School fees $9,830-$10,890

Whitefriars College is a Roman Catholic Independent school for boys located in the Melbourne suburb of Donvale. Established in 1961, the College reflects the tradition of the Carmelites, and is recognised for its uniform's brown blazer with the College Crest appearing on the breast pocket. The College has been a member of the Associated Catholic Colleges since 1999. The College was one of the first schools in Victoria to implement a notebook-computer program, which has now transitioned to a notebook-tablet program, in which every student is provided with a notebook-tablet. Its student population makes it the second largest Independent School and educator of boys in the Municipality of Manningham.

The College is the only Carmelite school in Australia.

House system[edit]

The College has eight houses, each one named after a Carmelite of note. The houses are:

House Name Patron Colour
Avila Saint Teresa of Avila     
Brandsma Blessed Titus Brandsma     
Corsini Saint Andrew Corsini     
Stein Saint Edith Stein     
Mantua Blessed Baptist of Mantua     
Soreth Blessed John Soreth     
Lisieux St. Therese of Lisieux     
Trinity Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity     

As there is a vertical pastoral care (more commonly known as homeroom) system at the College, each house is made up of seven pastoral care groups and each group contains approximately 24 students. This change was made in 2005. Each house is governed by a Head Of House. Unlike other schools, students at Whitefriars College are more so responsible to their respective Head of House combined with Pastoral Care teacher, than that of their Year level coordinator.

50 Years Celebration[edit]

The College celebrated its 50th year in operation from 2010–2011. The school received a New Chapel, Quadrangle and Classrooms to commemorate the occasion. In addition to this, some existing classrooms were also renovated, providing a somewhat more modern ambiance. Students were also presented with a 50-year badge to be worn on their blazer lapel.


The Schools Uniform provider is Bob Stewarts of Kew. The current academic uniform consists of:

  • The traditional brown blazer with the College Crest (Carmelite Coat of Arms), printed on the pocket
  • Dark Grey Trousers or Light Grey Shorts, which are worn with the appropriate grey socks
  • Either the grey Middle Years jumper or the brown Senior Years jumper
  • A tie with gold, silver and brown stripes, with the Whitefriars emblem on the bottom right of the tie
  • The Summer shirt with a fine stripe, which can only be worn in Terms 1 and 4 or the Winter shirt which is worn with the tie.

The current sport uniform consists of:

  • A blue spray jacket with gold and white stripes spanning across the shoulder, embroiled with the sword of elijah on the front, left-hand side of the chest, or the new sport jacket, which is navy blue with Whitefriars in captals (coloured gold) on the back and the sword of Elijah on the front
  • A white polo shirt with the sword of elijah stamped on the front, left-hand side of the chest
  • Blue shorts, some with the sword of elijah stamped on the left-hand side of the shorts
  • Blue tracksuit pants, with 'Whitefriars' imprinted on the right-hand side pant
  • An optional fleece vest, with the sword of elijah imprinted on the front left-hand side of vest
  • White socks, with a blue and gold stripe at the ankle

Students are also required to have a Sports Bag, which is used for both ACC sport and Physical Education. There are also other pieces of sport uniform available for students involved in Cross-Country, Swimming and other sports.

In 2015, the traditional brown blazer, while being maintained, has been produced with a new material and a yellow trim along the lapel and cuff. Furthermore, the 2014 Year 12 tie replaced the existing Year 7 to Year 11 tie and the Year 12 tie has been redesigned.


Whitefriars college is situated upon 19 hectares (47 acres) of land, making it one of the largest sites of any Catholic Secondary College in Melbourne.

It has a range of facilities, most being specific to the faculty which resides within the building.

Faculty of Sport

  • Guggenheimer Gymnasium. A soft-court facility used for Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball and some Gymnastic Apparatus.
  • McPhee Gymnasium. A hardwood facility, used for Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Indoor Hockey.
  • Two football ovals, both with Cricket Pitches
  • One Soccer Pitch
  • Three Cricket Nets
  • Fitness and Weights Facility/Gym

Faculty of Science and IST

  • Seven science laboratories
  • One Computer Technology room

Faculty of English (Butler Building or, B-Block, First Floor)

  • Four classrooms, predominately for the use of VCE English classes

Faculty of Visual Arts (Butler Building or, B-Block; Second Floor)

  • A fully specialised wood, metal and acrylic/plastic works facility
  • Specialised media room, complete with a media studio
  • Specialised VCD and Studio Arts room
  • Junior and Middle School art rooms

Faculty of Performing Arts (Butler Building or, B-Block; Third Floor)

  • Healy-Wilson Theatre. Received a light renovation in 2013.
  • Specialised recording studios
  • Keyboard lab
  • Two interconnecting Function Rooms
  • Drama Mezzanine that connects to the second floor
  • Music and Drama rooms

Faculty of Mathematics (Undercroft or, U-Block)

  • Four classrooms, predominately for the use of VCE Mathematics

Some facilities are not faculty specific, and include:

The Duncan Centre (D-Block)

Named after Bernadette Duncan, this eight-classroom block was completed in 2007, specifically for the use of Year 7s. Each classroom is specific to a year 7 house class. It also has a foyer that acts as a Pastoral Care room.


An eight-classroom block, consisting of three newer classrooms completed alongside the duncan centre in 2007, and five portable classrooms. It is primarily used by year 8s and 9s.

C-Block (Formally known as, 'Southern Wing')

A five classroom block mainly used by middle school and LOTE classes. It also has one science lab, used mainly for Junior School Science.

Shortis Library

Named after the founding principal of Whitefriars, Fr. Frank Shortis, the library is widely used before school, during recess, lunch and afterschool by students of all year levels. It provides a wide array of information services that extend far beyond that of average school libraries, as well as acting as a light and relaxed social gathering space for students. It is one of the most used facilities within the college, also offering Year 10 study hall after school on specified days.

Cameron Centre

Named after the Colleges Services Coordinator, Mrs Marie Cameron, this centre is equipped with a large canteen and spacious decking for students to enjoy. It is also home to the Whitefriars Health Centre, Uniform Store, Second-Hand Uniform store and the Notebook Service Centre.

In May 2014, it was announced that the Cameron Centre would undergo renovations, creating a relaxing and warm environment for students to socialise.

Undercroft and Study Hall

The Undercroft is located underneath the college library, and consists of four classrooms, mainly used for VCE Mathematics. It also houses the Year 12 study hall.

In 2013 it was announced that the Study Hall would undergo a light renovation, creating a comfortable environment for year 12 students to study collectively in. It was completed in time for the commencement of the school year in 2014.

Community service[edit]

The school has two student-run community service organisations, the Key Club, sponsored by the Doncaster-Templestowe Kiwanis, and Young St. Vinnie's. Both groups work in the school community as well as in the wider community on a number of projects. The Key Club runs a recycling drive and St Vinnie's runs a weekly blood donation drive, in which VCE students are encouraged to give blood.

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