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The Whitemouth River is located in southeastern Manitoba, Canada. The mouth of the river empties into the Winnipeg River system at the Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park. The Whitemouth River begins in a remote forested area just north of the border between the United States and Canada. Whitemouth Lake feeds the river year round, along with many wetlands throughout the Sandilands Provincial Forest area. The river runs north and crosses the Trans-Canada Highway where it enters an area of farmlands. There are many rapids along the river that make it a popular river to canoe on. The river is only about an hour from the city of Winnipeg. The towns of Seven Sisters, River Hills, Elma, Whitemouth, and Hadashville are located along the river.

The Whitemouth River has the non-parasitic, native species northern brook lamprey. The Whitemouth River watershed is one of the only places these lampreys are found in Manitoba.[1]

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