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You should expect this amount of vitriol if you delete Wikipedia:Ignore all rules.

Basic formula[edit]

An elegant formula for determining the amount of Vitriol that will follow upon any admin action:


  • V is amount of Vitriol
  • E is the Enemies of the Admin in Question Index
  • G is the Generated Controversy Index, or if this formula is being used in a forward looking context, the Expected Generated Controversy Index
  • U is the Unilateral Index (roughly defined as the degree to which the action is perceived as unilateral)
  • O is the Obviousness of the action in question.
  • R is the Reversibility of the action (usually defined as 1 for page protection, 8 for semi-protection, 5 for deletion, and a sliding scale from 1 to 20 for blocks, depending on the length of the block).


E: Enemies of the Admin in Question Index[edit]

E, the Enemies of the Admin in Question Index, is roughly governed by the equation:


  • X is the experience of the admin, measured in thousands of edits since adminship was gained (and roughly proportional to number of enemies made)
  • Facns is the Aggressive Clueless Newbie Syndrome Factor
  • i is the level of user Insanity, where perfect sanity is zero, and raving lunacy is an imaginary number
  • e is the natural logarithm base, a number that is constant and irrational (like many things here)

Note: An alternative formula replaces ACNS with the ST or Seasoned Troll factor.

G: Generated Controversy Index[edit]


  • O represents the Obviousness of the action (see below)
  • N represents the Number of users affected.
  • Au represents the number of previous Unsuccessful Attempts.
  • As represents the number of previous Successful Attempts.
  • Du represents the average length of Discussions (if any) generated by unsuccessful attempts in dozens of edits.
  • T represents Time since the last unsuccessful attempt (if any), in months.
  • W represents the Awareness factor of the user regarding the possible controversiality of the issue, on a scale of 0 to 5. Unawareness is expressed in fractions. Average awareness is 1.
  • R is the number of reverts over the actions. Most everyday actions have . Trouble starts when .

U: Unilateral Index[edit]

U=1 for a well-discussed multilateral action. Totally unilateral actions have U=500.


  • N represents the number of Users participating in the discussions.
  • F represents the number of Forums where input was requested.
  • D1 represents the length of Discussion taken before implementing the action.
  • D2 represents the length of Discussion generated by previous implementations.
  • As represents the number of previous Successful Attempts.

O: Obviousness[edit]

O, the obviousness of the action in question.


  • max(t,v,w,v*t,w*t) is the maximal value of t, v, w, v*t or w*t.
  • t is the apparent trolling, v is the apparent vandalism, w is the current level of revert warring, and v*t and w*t are the multiple of apparent trolling and either v or w. v, w and t default to 1, and are positive real numbers; a larger value equates to a more blatant example of vandalism, edit warring, or trolling.
  • V is the visibility of the page in question; see below.
  • E is the extent (if page related) or length (if a block) of the action in question, in hours.

V: Visibility[edit]

V, Visibility calculates roughly as:


  • Lr represents the number of Relevant Internal Links to the page (date pages can be considered to have only very few relevant links).
  • Le represents the number of External Links to the page.
    • may be replaced by where M is the page's average position on "Most popular/visited pages" over the last month.
  • Pt represents the Number of Pages in Wikipedia at Time t of occurrence.
  • D represents the Depth of the page (in clicks) from the Main Page.
  • Fva represents a Vandalism Attraction Factor, that is, the normal attractiveness of this page to vandals when unprotected. Indefinitely protecting Penis is unlikely to immediately create much uproar, no matter the circumstances.