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Project Code of conduct
Rescuesquad - No text.png
  • Please note that WikiProject Article Rescue Squadron is a Wikiproject intended to improve the encyclopedia. The project is not about casting !votes, nor about vote-stacking.
  • Focus on improving content. For example, when working on an article listed for rescue, try to qualify topic notability by adding reliable-source references with significant coverage of the topic. Edit the content to address specific concerns raised in the AfD discussion.
  • Show the light. If you comment in an AfD discussion, try to describe points in the nomination that have been corrected. Note any remaining deficiencies (e.g. lack of organization, structural problems, lack of balance, etc.). Base comments upon Wikipedia's deletion policy. If an article has been rewritten, you may place a comment in the AfD as a courtesy to assist the closing admin in determining which article version others were referring to.
For more information about article rescue, please refer to ARS Tips to help rescue articles and ARS Rescue guide
For additional article improvement listings, check out this project's archives and listings at WikiProject Cleanup

This is a list and discussion of Wikipedia content for rescue consideration. When posting here, please be sure to:

  • First familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's guidelines for topic notability and identifying reliable sources.
  • Include specific rationale why the article/content should be retained on Wikipedia, and any ideas to improve the content.
  • Sign posts with four tildes ~~~~.
  • Place the {{subst:rescue list|~~~~}} template in Articles for deletion discussions, to notify editors about the listing here. The tag can be placed below the nomination statement or at the end of the discussion thread.

The following templates can be used for articles listed here:

  • *{{Find sources|Article name}} - Adds source search options
  • *{{lagafd|Article name}} - Adds relevant links
  • *{{lagafd|Article name|Article name (Nth nomination)}} - Likewise but for page nominated N ≥ 4 times

— Please post new entries at the top of the list —

Chiara Passa[edit]

I'm an admin monitoring the discussion Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Chiara Passa, a blatant self-promotional autobiography. The discussion still has some days to go, but as it stands now with canvassing and SPA sockpuppet commentary, the article is ripe for deletion. The only thing that gives me pause is an unvoted comment by User:Frock vouching for this artist's notability and providing a reasonable rationale. I thought maybe someone participating in ARS could give it a look and see if anything can be salvaged. ~Amatulić (talk) 21:12, 21 October 2016 (UTC)


I removed the PROD notice from the page, as the company appears to be notable (WP:LISTED). I also posted some sources to the Talk page. The article needs copyediting for tone and content. If anyone may be interested, that would be great. K.e.coffman (talk) 01:33, 4 October 2016 (UTC)