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Welcome to the CHERUB and Henderson's Boys task force of WikiProject Children's and young-adult literature! We aim to create a standard of quality for all articles related to CHERUB and Henderson's Boys novel series. In general, this task force aims to organise, expand, clean up and just generally improve Wikipedia's encyclopaedic coverage of articles that pertain to these series of novels. Please discuss any new articles here before creating them.


Discussions about project activities can be found at /Progress and Formal Discussion. If you wish to have an article created, please list it at /Requested articles.

The project covers articles about:


Active members[edit]

  1. Rock drum (talk · contribs) (founder)
  2. RTY1998 (talk · contribs)
  3. Strdst_grl (talk · contribs) (WP:CHL representative)
  4. Tommader (talk · contribs)
  5. Smithyfromdunny (talk · contribs)
  6. Pedgeth (talk · contribs)
  7. Dvdmad100 (talk · contribs)
  8. RockStaRR (talk · contribs)
  9. TheButtNuggetMan (talk · contribs)
  10. Ollieinc (talk · contribs)
  11. Mfflack (talk · contribs)

To do[edit]

Vandalism notice: Please watch all CHERUB and Henderson's Boys articles for signs of vandalism.


Please feel free to add to this list. If you feel a task has been done feel free to remove them, keep in mind some people might not agree with you.

  1. Publicise the task force and encourage more members.
  2. Improve all Stub class articles to at least start class.
  3. Tag articles by adding |CHERUB=yes to the WP:YA template.
  4. Create pages as listed at /Requested articles.
  5. Detailed plot overviews containing multiple paragraphs.
  6. Update character pages with a lot of detail.


The quality criteria for these articles can be found listed at WikiProject Children's Literature, and all assessments should be requested there. Task force importance criteria are listed below:

Label Criteria Examples
Top Subject is a "core" topic for this task force. Robert Muchamore

Subject is very notable or significant within this task force.

The Recruit (novel)

Subject is notable or significant within the field of this task force

List of CHERUB characters

Subject is not particularly notable or significant even within the field of this task force.

Amy Collins



Please feel free to edit one of these sandboxes: 1 2


Hi WikiProject Children's literature,

I notice that you've been doing some great work regarding CHERUB and Henderson's Boys. Please consider joining the CHERUB and Henderson's Boys task force, an effort to improve Wikipedia's coverage of CHERUB and Henderson's Boys. If you would like to participate please pop over to the project page where you can join the project and see an open list of tasks that you can help with. Thank you for your time.