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Why does Wikipedia need them?[edit]

In any project based on community collaboration, friction is bound to develop. Skillful application of diplomacy and leadership help a community to work together smoothly, reducing conflict and encouraging people to contribute.

Skills of a catalyst[edit]

  • A catalyst keeps their cool, even when others are climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spiderman, biting the newcomers, and charging other editors. See meatball:DefendAgainstPassion
  • A catalyst backs away and lets someone else step in when they are too emotionally involved in a situation to consider it calmly and rationally.
  • A catalyst Assumes good faith, and treats all users with civility and respect while encouraging others to do the same.
  • A catalyst knows when to Ignore all rules, and refrains from Wikilawyering even while using policy and guidelines as appropriate to guide others towards appropriate on-wiki behavior.
  • A catalyst encourages and motivates other editors. Showing courtesy breeds respect, respect fosters cooperation instead of personal attacks.
  • A catalyst is an active, but unobtrusive participant in discussions, keeping them moving, but not dominating them.
  • A catalyst is an example of our principles, leading others through carefully considered action.
  • A catalyst remembers that no matter what their role on the project, we all represent Wikipedia whether we realize it or not. Over time, if you are effective in the catalyst role, people will learn to follow your lead, so make sure you set the right example, and convey the right message to other participants. See meatball:RoleModel
  • A catalyst is cooperative, and understands that cooperation breeds consensus. A catalyst tries to get people involved in resolving problems cooperatively.
  • A catalyst understands and tries to diffuse conflicts.
  • A catalyst realizes that users have different motivations, and makes an effort to understand them in order to find common ground.
  • A catalyst recognizes that some users will themselves be problematic, and tries to learn how to deal with them effectively and respectfully.

Where are catalysts needed on Wikipedia?[edit]


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