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The following is an alphabetical index of decisions made at Wikipedia:Categories for deletion.

Category Decision Discussion_log
"Defense" companies to "Military" companies oppose rename/keep all March 9
Category:Chronology to Category:Timelines Withdrawn March 30
Category:Grammar schools in Gloucestershire and Category:Public schools in Gloucestershire Withdrawn March 30
Category:Schools and colleges in Gloucester to Category:Schools in Gloucester Speedy deleted March 30
American people by national or ethnic origin no consensous March 7
Ancient (India, Pakistan) cats delete March 16
Births by month and day Delete all March 29
Buildings and structures rename all March 2
Category:VEI-8_supervolcanoes_to_Category:VEI-8_volcanoes rename March 21
Color/Colour commentators categories rename both March 10
Cthulhu Mythos rename all March 31
Georgia categories rename all as nominated March 9
Georgia state schools categories rename all March 24
Indian political party leaders Rename March 30
Indigenous peoples in Sth Am country rename all March 2
Internet providers standardization rename March 17
Irish-Scots Huh? March 29
Make subject oriented Lists categories consistent keep March 18
Merge Category:Pokémon Regions to Category:Pokémon places merge March 26
Migratory birds no consensous March 30
Multiple Categories: Listed buildings in Liverpool keep March 19
Multiple Categories: System of a Down Keep March 19
Multiple hip hop categories move rename all but stricken one March 16
Multiple rename request (families "The Delanos", "The Rockefellers", "Roosevelt") rename March 12
Multiple rename request (Two subcategories of Category:French nobility) rename March 22
Multiple rename request (Category:Princes subcategories) rename to Fooish princes March 22
Multiple rename request keep March 12
Orphaned Chinese categories delete March 2
Rationalize subject-oriented subcategories of Lists category rename all March 26
Renaming of categories after TV naming convention Rename all March 30
Request for comments on Category:The Trumps rename March 14
Sports venues in the United States by city rename both March 6
Stub template categories delete all March 10
Transformers muliple forms categories sadly, no consensus March 4
University of Hawaii men's basketball rename March 23
Category:1066 and Norman conquest of England to Category:Norman conquest of England rename March 10
Category:1310s BC births delete March 13
Category:1314 BC births delete March 13
Category:1340s BC births delete March 13
Category:1341 BC births delete March 13
Category:1474 BC deaths delete March 13
Category:1500s BC births delete March 13
Category:1504 BC births delete March 13
Category:1590s BC births delete March 13
Category:1597 BC births delete March 13
Category:1800s BC births delete March 13
Category:1807 BC births delete March 13
Category:1848 Revolutions people to Category:People of the 1848 Revolutions rename (Revolutions seems a proper noun here) March 19
Category:18th century BC births delete March 13
Category:1990s webcomics no consensus March 3
Category:19th century BC births delete March 13
Category:2330s BC births delete March 13
Category:2334 BC births delete March 13
Category:5 oldest living actors delete March 15
Category:Academics of Queen's University, Belfast to Category:Academics of the Queen's University of Belfast rename to Academics of Queen's University of Belfast (without the the) to match article name, if you want the the bring it back to speedy rename please March 16
Category:Acronyms that may need to be disambiguated delete March 16
Category:Alleged Microsoft front organizations yikes, delete in place and salt earth March 21
Category:American drinking establishments to Category:Drinking establishments in the United States rename March 20
Category:American literary biographers to Category:American biographers merge March 25
Category:American publishers delete March 6
Category:American Television Stations with Logo Galleries Delete March 30
Category:Ancient Japan to Category:Classical Japan split, will contact nominator to see about them doing the splitting work March 19
Category:Anti-war people to Category:Anti-war activists Rename March 29
Category:Anti-war people no consensus March 18
Category:Apple Macintosh games to Category:Mac OS games rename March 24
Category:Arizona Recreational Opportunities delete March 14
Category:Art lists to Category:Arts lists rename March 17
Category:Art photographers up merge March 31
Category:Articles by person to Category:Categories by person rename to categories by person March 18
Category:Artists who committed suicide Keep March 23
Category:Aspen Comics titles delete March 4
Category:Australian Broadcasting Authority images delete March 1
Category:Australian Football (soccer) Hall of Fame to Category:Australian Football Hall of Fame (soccer) rename March 6
Category:Australian rules football coaches delete March 12
Category:Australian states and territories to Category:States and territories of Australia rename March 20
Category:Autonomous Oblasts of Russia to Category:Autonomous oblasts of Russia Merge March 28
Category:Baby Pokémon no consensus March 26
Category:Bank of Sweden Prize winners to Category:Nobel Prize in Economics winners rename March 12
Category:Baseball records to Category:Baseball statistical groupings reverse merge March 22
Category:Basin Electric subsidiaries Delete March 7
Category:Berlin transportation to Category:Transport in Berlin or Category:Transportation in Berlin rename to Category:Transport in Berlin March 31
Category:Best places to live in the USA delete March 1
Category:Bestsellers delete March 31
Category:Bestselling children's books Delete March 30
Category:Bionicle characters delete March 19
Category:Births of the last 123 years Keep March 19
Category:Blind Faith albums keep March 11
Category:Boaco municipalities delete March 6
Category:Bradford City F.C players delete March 18
Category:Braxton clan to Category:Braxton family rename per nom March 10
Category:British railway companies --> Category:Railway companies of Great Britain rename to Category:Railway companies of the United Kingdom March 9
Category:Cal Bears Delete March 29
Category:Call of Duty 2 Clans delete with fire March 11
Category:Calument County, Wisconsin speedy delete March 24
Category:Canadian Heroes and Heroines delete March 16
Category:Canadian law enforcement officers to Category:Canadian police officers rename March 22
Category:Canadian Olympic Gold MedalistsCategory:Canadian Olympic gold medalists rename March 23
Category:Canadian people by ethnicity to Category:Canadian people by ethnic or national origin rename March 24
Category:Canadian sports teams no consensous March 5
Category:Canadian trade unions to Category:Trade unions in Canada no consensous March 7
Category:Cape verdean footballers speedy delete March 4
Category:Carazo municipalities delete March 6
Category: Carbonated drinks no consensous March 6
Category:Cat lovers delete March 11
Category:Category needed to Category:Categorization needed Keep as is March 7
Category:Caves in CountryXXX --> Category:Caves of CountryXXX rename March 15
Category:Celebrities appearing in South Park Delete March 29
Category:Celebrity duos to Category:Duos no consensus March 14
Category:Centenarian Bishops delete March 15
Category:Central Greeks to Category:Natives of Central Greece rename March 14
Category:Chabad Lubavitch to Category:Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidism rename March 24
Category:Champagne_socialists delete March 7
Category:Character-video game disambiguation moved to a TFD discussion as linked March 16
Category:Chess problemist to Category:Chess problemists Speedy Renamed March 4
Category:Child support recidivists delete March 24
Category:Christian Confessions, Creeds and Statements to Category:Christian confessions, creeds and statements of faith Rename March 8
Category:Cindy Sheehan Delete March 29
Category:Cities in Brazil to Category:Cities of Brazil and Category:Cities in Angola to Category:Cities of Angola withdrawn March 19
Category:Cleft chin delete with fire from orbit March 17
Category:Clinton Administration controversies to Category:Clinton administration controversies rename March 24
Category:Clinton Administration scandals to Category:Clinton Administration controversies merge (will list "Administration" for speedy to "administration") March 16
Category:Coastal towns in Pakistan delete all three March 5
Category:Columbusites to Category:People from Columbus, Ohio Rename March 28
Category:Comedy novels to Category:Comic novels consensus for rename, but no consensus on *what* to rename keep unless you contact me with a final decision March 8
Category:Communist Wikipedians Keep March 6
Category:Computer and video games in production to Category:Computer and video games under development rename March 22
Category:Conservative Jewish schoolsCategory:Conservative Jewish day schools rename March 24
Category:Constantine Dynasty to Category:Flavian dynasty rename as suggested in discussion March 10
Category:Controversial people delete March 2
Category:Cop Out of Water delete March 16
Category:Coptography speedied already by BorgHunter March 13
Category:Cork people to Category:Natives of County Cork merge March 31
Category:Cougars to Category:Cougar women delete March 3
Category:County disambiguation delete, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Courage delete March 31
Category:Cretan people to Category:Natives of Crete rename March 14
Category:Crimean towns to Category:Towns in Crimea rename March 19
Category:Cross country skiers at the 2006 Winter Olympics to Category:Cross-country skiers at the 2006 Winter Olympics rename March 20
Category:Cub Scouts (Boy Scouts of America) Delete March 29
Category:Culture and sport in the European Union to Category:Cultural policies of the European Union rename as nominated March 10
Category:Culture by country to Category:Culture by nationality rename March 14
Category:Culture lists kept March 17
Category:Cypriot Distillates no consensusdelete March 1
Category:Czech Alpine skiers --> Category:Czech alpine skiers rename March 23
Category:Days for environmentalism delete March 18
Category:Dead Scientologists delete March 25
Category:Disambiguation pages referring to their homonyms delete March 16
Category:DoramaCategory:Japanese television dramas Rename March 28
Category:Drugs cheats in sport rename to Doping cases in sport March 3
Category:Dystopian Fiction to Category:Dystopian fiction Rename March 27
Category:Eck Masters to Category:Eckankar no consensus March 16
Category:Eco-fiction delete March 26
Category:Economics dabs delete March 16
Category:Eevee Evolutions delete March 26
Category:Eliminated landmarks upmerge March 18
Category:Endorsed candidates for speedy deletion Moved to TfD March 17
Category:Enemy of the United States delete March 31
Category:England footballers to Category:England international footballers Rename March 7
Category:England under-21 footballers to Category:England under-21 international footballers Rename March 7
Category:English defunct football clubs to Category:Defunct English football clubs rename March 25
Category:English MPs to Category:Members of the pre-1707 English Parliament rename as proposed, clear rename but proposed had 8 to 4/5 with one ambig rename March 22
Category:English popes to Category:Non-Italian popes keep March 20
Category:Entertainer of South Korea to Category:South Korean people by occupation delete March 10
Category:Environment books delete March 26
Category:Environmentalism books delete March 26
Category:Epirotes to Category:Natives of Epirus rename March 14
Category:Episode lists to Category:Lists of television series episodes rename as nominated March 14
Category:Eponymous musical terms delete and articlefy (?) March 3
Category:Exocrine glands delete March 21
Category:Extinct arthropods delete March 9
Category:Family bands to Category:Family musical groups rename as nominated March 14
Category:Famous ancient works of art delete March 13
Category:Famous eccentrics no consensus to delete, but since its being kept rename to Eccentrics per recent precedent March 20
Category:Famous hostages to Category:Hostages Rename March 15
Category:Fargo North Dakota Companies delete March 1
Category:Feel-Good Stories delete March 3
Category:Ferrybridge delete March 14
Category:FIA keep, no rename March 22
Category:Fictional alien species to Category:Fictional extraterrestrial species rename March 1
Category:Fictional aliens to Category:Fictional extraterrestrials rename March 1
Category:Fictional American comics characters to Category:Fictional Americans in comics Keep March 15
Category:Fictional American television characters to Category:Fictional Americans in television Keep March 15
Category:Fictional American television characters to Category:Television characters from the United States no consensus March 1
Category:Fictional blind characters to Category:Fictional blind people Keep current name. × March 3
Category:Fictional castles merge into Category:Fictional castles and fortresses merge March 11
Category:Fictional contract killers to Category:Fictional assassins rename/merge March 9
Category:Fictional custom cars to Category:Fictional automobiles merge March 20
Category:Fictional Encyclopedias to Category:Fictional encyclopedias speedy rename March 8
Category:Fictional immigrants to the United States keep March 9
Category:Fictional parents delete March 5
Category:Fictional towns and cities in Sweden withdrawn March 27
Category:Final Fantasy items Delete March 27
Category:Final Fantasy weapons delete March 15
Category:Final Fantasy XI characters Delete March 27
Category:Finnish demoscene musicians Delete March 30
Category:Fire Departments by State to Category:United States Fire Departments merge March 18
Category:Fish Out of Water films to Fish out of water films rename and merge March 23
Category:Flyff delete March 19
Category:Flying Spaghetti Monsterist Wikipedians to Category:Pastafarian Wikipedians oppose rename March 1
Category:Football (soccer) wingers merged into Category:Football (soccer) midfielders no consensus March 22
Category:Former Lubavitchers delete March 24
Category:Former Students of Lycée Louis-le-GrandCategory:Former students of Lycée Louis-le-Grand rename per modification March 23
Category:Free-to-air no consensus March 24
Category:Freeways to Category:Freeways and motorways Rename to Category:Limited-access roads March 30
Category:Friends guest stars delete March 4
Category:Fuck no consensus suggest discuss renaming options on it's Talk page. — March 23
Category:Gabrielite Brothers' Schools delete March 5
Category:Galaxy name disambiguations delete, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Geelong attractionsCategory:Visitor attractions in Geelong Rename March 29
Category:Geographical locations sharing the same title keep, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:George W. Bush administration scandals to Category:George W. Bush administration controversies rename March 16
Category:Ghost Whisperer episodes keep March 10
Category:Glaswegians to Category:People from Glasgow, Scotland Keep March 28
Category:Golf seasons to Category:Years in golf rename March 14
Category:Golf trophies and awards Delete March 7
Category:Grammy Award Winners to Category:Grammy Award winners recap March 20
Category:Great Britain at the Olympics to Category:United Kingdom at the Olympics no consensus March 20
Category:Greek golfers delete March 10
Category:Greek People by Greek peripheries to Category:Greek people by periphery rename March 14
Category:Greek poker players Keep March 28
Category:Hamilton Steelhawks players reverse move and delete Hamilton Steelhawks alumni March 20
Category:Hammer glamour to Category:Actresses appearing in Hammer films rename March 1
Category:Harry Potter movies to Category:Harry Potter films rename March 11
Category:Healthcare in Uganda reverse merge of Health to Healthcare March 16
Category:Herrerasaurs Delete as unused, requested by only contributor. — March 23
Category:HFStival acts listify (augmenting current list article) and delete March 23
Category:Historic houses in Virginia to Category:Houses in Virginia Rename March 28
Category:Historic United States federal legislation Delete March 30
Category:Historic United States political partiesCategory:Historic United States political movements and parties keep, created Historic US political movements as a sub...but its empty for now so get thee populating it or I'm going to delete it (if I see its empty a few weeks from now) and let it be recreated when there's content March 19
Category:Homo sapiens progeny rename to Fictional species derived from humans per below March 25
Category:Human name disambiguation keep, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous human names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Humor books Deleted by March 27
Category:Husker Du albums to Category:Hüsker Dü albums depop and redirect March 17
Category:Ilia to Category:Elis rename March 26
Category: Images of MEPs for Italy (6th term) delete March 5
Category:Impostors keep March 11
Category:Institutions of government to Category:Government institutions rename March 6
Category:International Idiocy delete March 13
Category:Internet service providers India --> Category:Internet service providers in India relisting under umbrella for the in/of debate March 9
Category:Internet service providers UK --> Category:Internet service providers of the United Kingdom relisting under umbrella for the in/of debate March 9
Category:Irish Guards Keep March 14
Category: Irish Solicitor-Generals to Category:Solicitors-General for Ireland rename March 10
Category:Islands in English Channel to Category:Islands in the English Channel rename March 19
Category:Israeli Defense Forces guided missiles to Category:Israel Defense Forces guided missiles rename as nominated March 20
Category:Israeli Military Industries delete March 2
Category:Jewish People by occupation delete March 1
Category:Kabbalah practitioners delete March 20
Category:Kappa Alpha members to Category:Kappa Alpha Society members rename March 18
Category:Kings of Dalriada to Category:Kings of Dál Riata Rename March 27
Category:Knife Rock groups delete March 5
Category:Knights bachelor to Category:Knights Bachelor speedy rename March 18
Category:Kurdistan keep March 3
Category:Lecturers by university in the United Kingdom to Category:Academics by university in the United Kingdom rename as nominated March 5
Category:Lesbian sportspeople Keep March 5
Category:Library and Information Science merge March 12
Category: Lisp programming Delete March 11
Category:List of Celebrities who have been punk'd delete with fire March 22
Category:List of Nintendo games by genre and series delete March 26
Category:Lists of machinima series to Category:Lists of machinima series episodes rename March 15
Category:Living politicians delete March 25
Category:Local news and medias delete March 4
Category: Luxembourg history Speedy move and delete March 11
Category:Magazine lists to Category:Lists of magazines merge March 20
Category:Magic from the Bartimaes Trilogy delete March 7
Category:Main page alternates to Category:Main Page alternatives rename as nominated March 20
Category:Makedones Delete March 29
Category:Man-made Pokémon delete March 31
Category:Mario related things delete March 26
Category:Mario stuff games characters items and more delete stuff items and more1!11! March 26
Category:Marios delete March 25
Category:Mathematical disambiguation keep March 16
Category:Mausoleum in Malaysia to Category:Mausoleums in Malaysia speedy rename March 16
Category:Media with an environmentalism theme delete March 26
Category:Melbourne attractionsCategory:Visitor attractions in Melbourne Rename March 29
Category:Members of The Beatles delete March 1
Category:Mental illness diagnosis by DSM and ISCDRHP to Category:Mental illness diagnosis by DSM and ICD rename March 17
Category:Mexican murder victims keep March 11
Category:Mexican people by national origin to Category:Mexican people by ethnic or national origin rename March 31
Category:Middle schools in Georgia (U.S. state) to Category:Middle schools in Georgia keep March 21
Category:Minor league hockey teams rename as suggested, now that it has some subcats March 10
Category:Modern Indian weapons to Category:Modern weapons of India rename March 8
Category:Mountains and hills of Ulster delete March 13
Category:MPAA-logo speedy delete (G7) March 3
Category:Multiplayer Games merge to Category:MU* games March 6
Category:Municipalities in Zelaya Delete March 7
Category:Music from Liverpool, England to Category:Music from Liverpool rename March 16
Category:Musical software to Category:Music software rename March 3
Category:Nanjing attractionsCategory:Visitor attractions in Nanjing Rename March 29
Category:Napoleonic wars and subcategories (multiple renaming request) rename all March 5
Category:National Geographic's 50 Most Important Political Leaders of All Time to Category:National Geographic's 50 Most Important Political Leaders in History delete March 10
Category:National memorials in Washington, DC to Category:Memorials in Washington, D.C. rename March 21
Category:NCAA Philippines Championships to Category:NCAA Philippines championships rename with full expansion March 26
Category:New logos delete March 6
Category:New York state highways no consensus March 22
Category:News Agencies to Category:News agencies rename as proposed March 2
Category:Nicole Kidman films delete March 4
Category:Nicole Kidman delete Nicole Kidman... uhh I mean the category March 4
Category:Nintendo Database delete March 25
Category:Nippon Pro Baseball Teams merge March 5
Category:Nobel Prize in Economics winners to Category:Bank of Sweden Prize winners already handled per cfd mar 12 2006 debate March 13
Category:Non-German Football players in Germany no consensus March 11
Category:North Carolina radio personalities delete March 4
Category:North Dakota Private Schools to Category:Private schools in North Dakota rename March 2
Category:North Dakota Private Scools speedy delete March 2
Category:Northern Ireland football clubs to Category:Northern Irish football clubs reverse merge March 1
Category:Northern Irish cheese to Category:Northern Irish cheeses Rename as nominated March 7
Category:Northern Irish comedians speedy delete G7 March 9
Category:Novels by year Keep March 27
Category:Number disambiguations rename to Category:Lists of ambiguous numbers in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:NWFA to Category:National Women's Football Association rename March 10
Category:NWFP Politicians to Category:NWFP politicians Rename to Category:North-West Frontier Province politicians March 28
Category:Observer's 50 funniest delete March 17
Category:Official Storyline Sonic the Hedgehog games delete March 26
Category:Oklahoma State Cowboys teams to Category:Oklahoma State University athletics Rename March 30
Category:One-Day International Tournaments rename to One-day international cricket competitions March 2
Category:Online communities to Category:Virtual communities delete March 24
Category:Operas by Béla Bartók withdrawn March 17
Category:Operas by Ludwig van Beethoven withdrawn March 17
Category:Outsider scientists delete March 11
Category:Overpopulated categories to Category:Very large categories rename March 19
Category:Pages watched by the Counter Vandalism Unit delete March 1
Category:Pakistani independence movement delete March 4
Category:Papua New Guinean ODI cricketers to Category:Papua New Guinean cricketers delete as empty March 16
Category:Paris cemeteries to Category:Cemeteries in Paris Merge March 30
Category:Paris Entertainment to Category:Paris culture Merge March 30
Category:Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet delete March 5
Category:Peloponessos to Category:Natives of Peloponnese rename March 14
Category:People by race or ethnicity to Category:People by ethnic or national origin no consensus - 2 D 2 R (not to be confused with R2d2) March 2
Category:People by religion to Category:People by religious belief no consensus March 1
Category:People from Georgia to Category:People from Georgia (U.S. state) merge...and I'll try to semi-dab it and protect it to see if that works March 20
Category:People from Pasig to Category:People from Pasig City merge March 26
Category:People of the Philippines to Category:Filipino people no consensus March 26
Category:People who worked with David Lynch delete March 7
Category:People who worked with Ralph Bakshi delete March 7
Category:People with type AB blood delete March 4
Category:Philippine essayists delete March 26
Category:Philippine writers and Category:Visayan writers to Category:Filipino writers keep March 26
Category:Philosophical novels no consensus to delete, perhaps restructure the criteria March 9
Category:Places in Kuwait delete March 20
Category:Places on Placeopedia delete March 5
Category:Platycrat delete March 15
Category:Pokémon Berries delete March 26
Category:Political parties in Europe to Category:Pan-European political parties rename March 19
Category:Political Student Organization to Category:Political student organizations rename to student political organizations, as they arent organizations of political students (ie students of politics) March 18
Category:Politicians of FDP to Category:Politicians of the Free Democratic Party (Germany) Rename March 29
Category:Pollution by county delete as typo March 31
Category:Possibly living people to Category:People who may still be alive Category:People who may be alive keep current name March 19
Category:Powermasters keep March 4
Category:Pre-NBA pro basketball players delete March 6
Category:Pretenders (Transformers) to Category:Transformers Pretenders Rename March 14
Category:Primitives rename to Transformers Primitives (both capped, since its a proper name) March 4
Category:Prince Albert Raiders players delete March 18
Category:Principality of Pindus no consensus March 4
Category:Prisons in Washington state delete. (With no prejudice against creating a DC cat if one is needed at a future date) March 7
Category:Programming to Category:Computer programming rename March 9
Category:Pulp heroes and villians rename. (No Consensous on split) March 31
Category:Puzzle games Delete March 7
Category:Qatar sport to Category:Sport in Qatar merge March 16
Category:Race for US President 2008 delete March 8
Category:Radio DJs to Category:Radio personalities support rename March 16
Category:Rat Baiting dogs breeds speedy rename to Category:Rat-baiting dog breeds March 5
Category:Real Madrid players to Category:Real Madrid footballers rename March 8
Category:Recreation & Sports delete March 4
Category:Redirects for alternative capitalisation to Category:Redirects from other capitalisations Rename March 8
Category:Regiments of the United States delete March 31
Category:Regional theatre to Category:Regional theatre in the United States no consensous March 7
Category:Regional theatre delete March 17
Category:Regions in Germany to Category:Regions of Germany merge March 16
Category:Religious NPOV disputes delete March 3
Category:RENT performers Delete March 29
Category:RENT no consensous March 29
Category:Revolution people and subcategories (multiple renaming request) no consensous March 5
Category:Rings of Saturn delete March 10
Category:River stewards delete March 4
Category:RNC Chairmen to Category:Republican National Committee chairmen rename March 10
Category:Rock opera delete March 19
Category:Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums delete March 3
Category:Roman Catholic actors delete March 31
Category:Roman Catholic businesspeople delete March 22
Category:Roman Catholic painters delete March 3
Category:Roman emperors (murdered, predecessor also murdered) Delete March 28
Category:Royal Child mortality delete March 12
Category:Russian Foreign Ministers to Category:Russian foreign ministers Category:Foreign Ministers of Russia rename as per modified March 18
Category:Sabah government delete March 4
Category:Satellite meteorology and remote sensing to Category:Weather satellites Keep March 7
Category:Scandinavian Canadians delete March 9
Category:Schools of art to Category:Art schools merge March 5
Category:Schools that subscribe to Channel One News delete March 26
Category:Science & technology magazines to Category:Science and technology magazines rename March 2
Category:Scottish Catholics to Category:Scottish Roman Catholics rename March 31
Category:Scottish MPs to Category:Members of the pre-1707 Scottish Parliament Rename March 30
Category:Segrave Trophy winner to Category:Winners of the Segrave Trophy rename to Segrave Trophy recipients March 16
Category:Segrave Trophy delete as empty March 16
Category:Sex Slaves delete March 1
Category:Ships built on Great Britain to Category:Ships built in Great Britain rename to Ships built in the United Kingdom March 17
Category:Sketch comedy showsCategory:Sketch comedy television shows rename to Category:Television sketch shows March 31
Category:Skiers at the 2006 Winter Olympics to Category:Freestyle skiers at the 2006 Winter Olympics rename March 13
Category:Snooker players by country to Category:Snooker players by nationality rename March 4
Category:Software engineering disasters No consensous March 28
Category:Software engineering success stories Already deleted March 28
Category:SOL_theory delete March 21
Category:South East Asia Athletics delete March 17
Category:Spartak Moscow footballers to Category:FC Spartak Moscow players keep March 3
Category:Spectacled Cartoon Characters delete March 31
Category:SPHL delete both March 2
Category:Sports in the United Kingdom to Category:Sport in the United Kingdom merge into Category:Sport in the United Kingdom March 31
Category:Sri Lankans to Category:Sri Lankan people merge March 18
Category:Star name disambiguations delete, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Steven Seagal delete March 30
Category:Stub templates delete March 1
Category:Subway station disambiguations delete, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Targets of alleged Bush Administration reprisals delete March 4
Category:Tatarstan history to Category:History of Tatarstan rename March 22
Category:Television sport pundits to Category:British sports broadcasters merge March 14
Category:Temple and synagogues architecture to Category:Jewish temple and synagogue architecture rename as nominated March 3
Category:Temporary page delete March 2
Category:Terrorism Keep March 5
Category:The Bonapartes to Category:Bonaparte rename March 9
Category:The Waterboys recordings no consensus March 21
Category:Thessalikis to Category:Natives of Thessaly rename March 14
Category:Tokyoites delete only March 20
Category:Tourism in ParisCategory:Visitor attractions in Paris no consensous March 30
Category:Tourism sites in SingaporeCategory:Visitor attractions in Singapore Rename March 30
Category:Towns in Italy (disambiguation) delete, but merge with Category:Lists of ambiguous place names in accordance with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories)#Special conventions for lists of items March 16
Category:Towns in Lower Austria to Category:Cities and towns in Lower Austria rename March 12
Category:Towns in Merseyside no consensus March 16
Category:Towns in Missouri make a redirect March 26
Category:Tram transport in China speedy (tho not so speedy apparently) March 2
Category:Transformers toys delete March 4
Category:Transport by city keep March 21
Category:Transport in Jerusalem delete March 2
Category:Transportation in Germany to Category:Transport in Germany rename March 31
Category:Transportation in Nigeria to Category:Transport in Nigeria rename March 31
Category:Travel writers by nationality to Category:Travel writers Merge March 30
Category:Tropical cyclone disambiguation keep March 16
Category:U.S. House committees Speedy delete March 6
Category:U.S. House of Representatives elections to Category:United States House of Representatives elections moved to speedy renames March 28
Category:U.S. Navy sailors speedy delete March 31
Category:UAAP championships to Category:University Athletics Association of the Philippines championships rename March 22
Category:UAAP to Category:University Athletics Association of the Philippines rename as below March 22
Category:UK Pensions to Category:Pensions in the United Kingdom Rename March 8
Category:United States Army soldiers in Iraq to Category:Iraq War veterans no consensus March 9
Category:United States Fire Departments to Category:Fire departments of the United States rename March 18
Category:United States public land lawCategory:United States federal public land legislation no consensous March 28
Category:United States radio programs to Category:American radio programs rename March 31
Category:United States tariff acts to Category:United States federal trade legislation rename March 14
Category:Units based on Avagadro's Number delete both per gene nygaard's argument March 17
Category:Units of amount of substance no consensus March 17
Category:University and college types to Category:Universities and colleges by type Keep separate March 5
Category:Unix successors Delete March 28
Category:Unknown births to Category:Year of birth missing rename to Category:Year of birth unknown March 1
Category:Unknown Pokémon delete March 26
Category:Upcoming software to Category:Software under development keep March 22
Category:USAF Thunderbird to Category:United States Air Force Thunderbirds pilots Rename March 30
Category:User Methodists delete March 1
Category:User OS/Mac OS X delete March 10
Category:Vibrant Districts in Winnipeg delete March 7
Category:Villages in Arizona and Category:Villages in Alabama delete March 14
Category:Washington highways no consensus March 26
Category:Webcomics by country No consensous March 29
Category:Webcomics of Ukraine Keep March 29
Category:West Greeks to Category:Natives of West Greece rename March 14
Category:Wikipedia size problems delete March 12
Category:Wikipedians by stuff speedy delete March 5
Category:Wikipedians who were cryogenically frozen delete. The category was speedy deleted per WP:CSD#C3 March 10
Category:Wikiproject for The University of Texas at Austin to Category:WikiProject University of Texas at Austin rename March 31
Category:William S. Burroughs Keep March 6
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