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March 30[edit]

Category:Historic United States federal legislation[edit]

Migratory birds[edit]

Renaming of categories after TV naming convention[edit]

Category:Travel writers by nationality to Category:Travel writers[edit]

Category:Bestselling children's books[edit]

Category:Steven Seagal[edit]

Category:Finnish demoscene musicians[edit]

Category:Paris Entertainment to Category:Paris culture[edit]

Category:Paris cemeteries to Category:Cemeteries in Paris[edit]

Category:Chronology to Category:Timelines[edit]

Category:Oklahoma State Cowboys teams to Category:Oklahoma State University athletics[edit]

Category:Schools and colleges in Cheltenham to Category:Schools in Cheltenham[edit]

Category:Schools and colleges in Gloucester to Category:Schools in Gloucester[edit]

Indian political party leaders[edit]

Category:Grammar schools in Gloucestershire and Category:Public schools in Gloucestershire[edit]

Category:Tourism in ParisCategory:Visitor attractions in Paris[edit]

Category:Tourism sites in SingaporeCategory:Visitor attractions in Singapore[edit]

Category:USAF Thunderbird to Category:United States Air Force Thunderbirds pilots[edit]

Category:Scottish MPs to Category:Members of the pre-1707 Scottish Parliament[edit]

Category:American Television Stations with Logo Galleries[edit]

Category:Freeways to Category:Freeways and motorways[edit]