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Dab solver
Disambig azure Broom icon.svg
Original author(s)Dispenser
Initial release27 January 2010; 9 years ago (2010-01-27)
Written inPython, JavaScript
Operating systemWeb
Available in17 languages
List of languages
English, Bosnian, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Simple English, Slovene, Swedish

Dab solver is a tool developed and maintained by User:Dispenser

Dab solver is a multilingual, menu-driven tool for disambiguating links in Wikipedia. The tool assists people in correcting ambiguous hyper-links such as mercury, which could refer to the god, the planet, or the chemical element. This tool is akin to a spell checker for links, giving the user a choice of links when the user clicks on the ambiguous link

The tool features an interface designed to be fast and intuitive, using pre-caching to load pages and relevancy scores before you start. To further enhance users' productivity, the tool provides intelligent edit summaries, keyboard support, redirect matching, and relevancy scoring indicating what similar pages are linking to. It also offers advanced features unmatched by other disambiguation programs, such as customizable template support, red link suggestion, an article mini-browser, a manual-of-style checker, and smart context that displays only relevant text.

To use the "Disambig fix list" tool which applies the Dab solver tool repeatedly, go to dab fix list (at

To report problems or otherwise discuss "Dab solver" with Dispenser, go to User talk:Dispenser/Dab solver.

The tool is used by 70+ Wikipedians to make 15,000 edits a month in across multiple languages of Wikipedia.

How to disambiguate[edit]

  1. Pick a topic or Paste an article URL in the text box and press Enter.
  2. Click on the red text brings up the correction menu
  3. Usually the correct link will be clear from the context.
  4. When done, click Save changes if connected with OAuth or click Show changes

Finding pages to disambiguate[edit]


Menu icons[edit]

No shared links Visual indicator of the number of articles linking to your and the target
1 shared link
2-4 shared links
5-18 shared links
19+ shared links
Gnome-media-playlist-repeat.svg Circular link The article links to the current page
Farm-Fresh link go.png Already linked elsewhere on the page
Disambig.svg Disambiguation link Open the disambiguation page
DAB list.svg Set-index Article link Open the set-index article
Wikidata-favicon.png Wikidata link Unused
En.wiktionary favicon.svg Wiktionary link Wiktionary links will automatically appear if you need to link to a definition (e.g. Tour de force)
Wikipedia W favicon on white background.png Wikipedia link Unused
Farm-Fresh link delete.png Unlink Remove the link from the text
Use this if the term is over-linked and Wiktionary isn't appropriate.
Farm-Fresh tag blue add.png Tag Select I don't know / Tag {{dn}} request for help.
Use this to signal subject-matter editors as needing more in-depth knowledge to solve.
Farm-Fresh arrow undo.png Undo Revert link back to the original target
  • You can change the label of a link by editing the text box above

Link suggester[edit]

The Tool looks (up to 30 seconds) for blue links, red links, and Wiktionary links missing on the disambiguation page. It uses simplified searches from Dabfix and attempts to display the most relevant results. Use Dabfix to add these links to the disambiguation page.


  • Ic sort 48px.svg Default sort: The original wikitext order.
  • AZ Sort.png Alpha sort: A case-insensitive ASCIIbetical sort, excludes numbers.
  • Oxygen480-status-user-away.svg Year sort: Only sorts by the first 4 digit numbers under 2100.

MOS:DAB checker[edit]

Automated Manual of Style checker for disambiguation pages has been built and displays it results in {{ambox}} at the end of the article. This information is also submitted back to the server. See also: User:Dispenser/MOS:DAB stats

Keyboard shortcuts[edit]

  • Tab ↹ / ⇧ Shift+Tab ↹ Next and previous link
  • / Up or down dab menu list
  • ↵ Enter Use link
  • Ctrl+↵ Enter Follow link
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+S Save page
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+P Show Preview
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+V Show changes

Popup page shortcuts[edit]

  • Alt+⇧ Shift+C Dab Read
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+E Dab Edit
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+J Dab What links here or Dab Fix List
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+R Dab Refresh
  • Alt+⇧ Shift+H Dab History


  • Esc Close popup
  • F1 The documentation page
  • F4 Show/hide popup
  • F8 Show/hide edit box (read-only)
See also Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts

URL parameters[edit]

The page to disambiguate
Pipe-separated list of titles to disambiguate regardless of Dab solver's internal logic. This can be used manually check links to a primary topic[1] or disambiguate Set index articles.
A string to append to end of the automatic edit summary generated by the tool. [2]
Renders the content of the given paramter similar to WP:EDITINTRO above the box. Note: CSS classes are unavailable, use style=. Used by Template:Disambiguation needed


Translations are stored in JSON format at User:Dispenser/Dab solver/i18n.json. Only NoLinksInText is needed to remove the translate request message. The string selection priority is Your language code, * (Universal), en (English). The @doc should help explain what each string is used for.

If this is too daunting, you can copy and translate the basics block and post it to the talk page.

 Note: The DAB Challenge and DPL bot are separate and currently not capable of operating on other wikis.

Third-party content[edit]

You will need to set RequestPolicy, NoScript, Privacy Badger, Disconnect, etc. from blocking the following domains:

  • - Relatedness and link suggester
  • - Articles and disambiguation content
  • - Icons and article images
  • (optional) - summary graph for recent changes


Can you enable the save button? Can "This is a minor edit" and "Watch this page" checkboxes be set to my user preference or watch status?

[needs update] Because of a MediaWiki security feature, if the save button were enabled without the correct edit token it wouldn't work for logged in users, instead landing you on a preview page with an error message. Being able to look up a user's personal settings for preferences and watchlist is restricted. Since the Toolserver rules (rule 8) specify that tools cannot ask login information such features will not be provided. There is a workaround in Preferences where you can change the default behavior of watching pages and provide an edit token to temporarily enable the save button.

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