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Please read before requesting formal mediation
Formal mediation is provided by the Mediation Committee. A request for formal mediation will not be accepted unless these conditions have been satisfied:
  1. The dispute concerns the content of a Wikipedia article, template page, or image;
  2. The dispute does not relate directly to the conduct of a Wikipedia contributor;
  3. There has been substantial previous discussion of the disputed content;
  4. Except in extraordinary cases, earlier steps in the content dispute resolution process, such as requests for comment, have been utilised without success;
  5. The parties to the dispute are contesting the relevant content with genuine motives to better the involved articles;
  6. There is no pending request for arbitration which relates to the dispute;
  7. There is no open Arbitration case which relates to the dispute.
  8. Every party is approaching mediation open-mindedly, with a view to compromising (for no mediation can be successful without compromise by all sides).

To request formal mediation, visit Wikipedia:Requests for mediation. Dispute resolution requests (WP:DRR) provides a central compilation of and an easy-access overview for Wikipedia:Dispute resolution's (WP:DR), and details the various different methods used at each of the Wikipedia dispute resolution pages.

Dispute Resolution Requests (article content)

Third opinion


Requests for comment

Third opinion Specialised noticeboards Requests for comment
Request an outside opinion when there is a content dispute between two users. Ask questions and request assistance from users familiar with the content policies and guidelines relevant to that notice board. Request input on a specific content issue from a broad number of uninvolved users.

Dispute resolution noticeboard

Formal mediation

Dispute resolution noticeboard Formal mediation
File a request for a moderated discussion regarding an ongoing content dispute that can't be resolved through discussion on the article talk page. Apply for formal mediation in an attempt to resolve a protracted content dispute that remains unresolved despite other attempts at dispute resolution.
Unsure which one to use? Check out our guide to dispute resolution, or ask at the talk page.

Dispute Resolution Requests (user conduct)

Sockpuppet investigations

Edit warring noticeboard

Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents

Sockpuppet investigations Edit warring noticeboard Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents
Place to file an investigation to find out whether two or more Wikipedia accounts are being abusively operated by the same person. Noticeboard for reporting users who are actively edit warring and/or have violated the three-revert rule. Request assistance from administrators and experienced users on the English Wikipedia regarding recent or ongoing misconduct by a fellow user.


Arbitration and Arbitration Enforcement
Apply to the Arbitration Committee for an examination and binding decision regarding a long standing issue of mis-conduct after all other avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted. Or request enforcement against a user who you feel is acting in breach of the remedies described in a closed arbitration case.
Unsure which one to use? Check out our guide to dispute resolution, or ask at the talk page.