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An eguor admin stands against sacred cows and the herd mentality but does not practice cow tipping.

Eguor is rouge spelled backwards. Where rouge administrators hail Wikipedia:Ignore all rules, eguor administrators think rougeness goes both ways. Eguorness means leadership by example and self-regulation. It means reducing frustrations for reasonable editors. Ideally, eguorness also means winning over potential troublemakers so that they become productive Wikipedians.

Another goal of an eguor admin is to serve as Wikipedia's loyal opposition should any cabal inadvertently form. Eguorness does not equal disruption or the feeding of trolls, yet it does mean willingness to challenge consensus with polite and topical discussion. Sometimes, it means being a gadfly.

Eguor administrators promise to offer a fair hearing to editors who present a well-documented case that they've been mishandled in some way. Burden of evidence rests squarely on the shoulders of the person who makes the assertion. If you think your situation didn't get proper attention and you connect all the dots with solid evidence, but don't want to get accused of forum shopping, contact an eguor administrator.

Principles of eguor administrators[edit]

  • Wikipedia administratorship is not a big deal.
  • Admins are human and occasionally make mistakes.
  • Although problem users create constant background noise, that shouldn't drown out the voice of an innocent editor who gets caught in a dispute's crossfire and asks for a fair hearing and an unblock. And they try to avoid situations which cause such innocent editors to receive blocks in the first place.
  • Site policies apply to everyone (although not necessarily according to the interpretations proposed by multiple blocked users who comment at noticeboards).
  • The greatest danger about accusations of groupthink and hive mind is that, after enough frivolous claims get thrown around, people tune out the warnings and might slip into the Abilene paradox.
  • Everyone who edits Wikipedia is a human being (except for bots) and deserves to be treated as such, probably.

The essence of eguorness[edit]

If Jimbo Wales himself shoveled George Carlin's entire list of seven dirty words into an insult at an editor, the eguor admin would question the action on Jimbo's talk page. If Jimbo kept it up the eguor admin would open an RFC on Jimbo.

Favorite quotes[edit]

I just wanted to say that becoming a sysop is *not a big deal*.

I think perhaps I'll go through semi-willy-nilly and make a bunch of people who have been around for awhile sysops. I want to dispel the aura of "authority" around the position. It's merely a technical matter that the powers given to sysops are not given out to everyone.

I don't like that there's the apparent feeling here that being granted sysop status is a really special thing.


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