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Welcome to the Wikipedia Help Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on the current Help desk page.

December 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 1

  1. 75 monte carlo 15x8 and 15x9 rally rims
  2. Can't Print - Staffe entry
  3. IP redirect
  4. Hiding all fundraising ads
  5. Question on tag for image.
  6. New here and have a specific project
  7. How to create your own article
  8. Adding Wikipedia Search to my Webpage?
  9. this sucks
  10. Scrubs Wikiproject
  11. Loss of session data
  12. User talk:Betacommand wierdness!!!
  13. Move an article
  14. posting pages
  15. TOC and template
  16. Wren High School

December 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 2

  1. Another Template Question
  2. flex spending
  3. About Neutrality.
  4. When do I get welcomed?
  5. im looking for a woman
  6. If an administrator keeps deleting an article I am trying to write...
  7. removing incorrect content
  8. making a page
  9. article deletion
  10. Lists of people "born in" any given town . . .
  11. How to get rid of a format element ("box" made of dotted lines; text within)
  12. Protection
  13. Request for personal entry
  14. Lists, categories and disambiguation, oh my!
  15. Citation needed?
  16. hi
  18. founders
  19. Template for userpage
  20. human body temperature
  21. Uploading image for Wiki Article
  22. how do you make citations?
  23. References
  24. Uploading a jpg file for a Wiki article
  25. a glich in wikipedia
  26. Please, help me.
  27. different functions (i think)
  28. My article has been linked with the wrong category
  29. Wikipedia search using opera

December 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 3

  1. Can someone take a quick look at an article I just created?
  2. Block request
  3. web pages
  4. Templates?
  5. origin/ethnicity
  6. speedy deltion? i havent vandilised
  7. creating article in persian language
  8. Options for possible content dispute?
  9. anonymous edits
  10. St Josephs College Banora Point vandalism report please act NOW
  11. conflict of interest in a WP bio
  12. Uluru
  13. Problem Uploading a jpg Image
  14. Sheepskin
  15. computer networking
  16. Contacting fellow contributors
  17. Creating maps
  18. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 3#__NOEDITSECTION__<.2Fnowiki>|<nowiki>__NOEDITSECTION__]]
  19. Problem Uploading Picture to Wiki Article
  20. Wiktionary =spell-check dictionary?
  21. uss heritage(ap-54)
  22. uss heritage(ap-54)
  23. Problem Downloading to Upload to a Wiki Article
  24. multilingual
  25. Template problem with NJSchoolDistrict
  26. History may have gotten detached from articles during series of moves
  27. Radio Format Question
  28. BetacommandBot - What now?
  29. copyright not expired in the US?
  30. Trying to tag an un-notable page
  31. Is this OR?
  32. November 19 archive link brings up November 25 questions?
  33. Wiki Etiquette
  34. Editing the article "methanol economy"
  35. Editing with mathematical formulas
  36. Wikitable formatting
  37. Why is there a padlock?

December 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 4

  1. Wikitable formatting
  2. How would you reference this?
  3. Rashad Jeanty
  4. payment for pictures
  5. Mars dark Chocolate Bars
  6. 4 related questions on a first article
  7. Signature problems
  8. Image tagged for deletion
  9. Footnote problem
  10. accuracy and security
  11. hotmail account loding
  12. Protection (2)
  13. Search
  14. Indicating coordinates
  15. "search engine".
  16. A shared table?
  17. Speedy delete
  18. I have a kua-shtee-ahn.
  19. The Salvation Army - Roblin Lake Camp
  20. How do I input info on my band?
  21. Is this still to be considered original research?
  22. Disputed Information
  23. Disputed Information Clarification
  24. Girl Guides of Canada
  25. WGXL FM Ownership Switch
  26. how to create a new page
  27. Question
  28. Dates of articles
  29. Cold Chills page
  30. Signature

December 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 5

  1. I think that I committed a mistake :S
  2. statistics
  4. Image license
  5. eMail
  6. reverting two edits back
  7. login/email problem
  8. Copyrights
  9. presentation
  10. Alignment and structuring
  11. in need topic importance leadership with headings plz
  12. Nandigram
  13. wikimedia
  14. designing a family tree
  15. Where is
  16. University Musical Society
  17. How Do I Create A Wikipedia Page
  18. Why have my changes been deleted on a page that I initiated?
  19. Image formating and latex
  20. Latex
  21. starting a new listing
  22. Boxes
  23. ALTA
  24. calcite
  25. How to make a page of information.
  26. Graphs and distribution characteristics suddenly won't print correctly any more (for about past month...)
  27. poems that don't rhyme
  28. Caught Vandalism

December 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 6

  1. Collapsible templates
  2. Error on "Barry Sanders" page
  3. Photo and Text placement
  4. I hope this is the correct spot for asking a question
  5. random article options
  6. Limit on number of times you can call a template?
  7. Where?
  8. free down load - Reg.
  9. Megaglobe -International Search Engine
  10. weights
  11. pounds
  12. my article
  13. How to report changes by vandals
  14. Page deletion because it was considered advertising
  15. How do I change a title of a page?
  16. Ensuring an article appears when a search term is used
  17. Article submission about an Organisation
  18. Incorrect Information: Stephen J. Friedman
  19. Question about prod on a particular item
  20. IF I donate to Wikipedia
  21. past tense or present
  22. privacy
  23. Username/password for Hornli Ridge
  24. Images without linking to the image page
  25. References numbered incorrectly at Emily Dickinson
  26. WikiMedia Tech needed... Date wrong
  27. Neurosurgery
  28. how to add a file to an article
  29. Question
  30. View without citations in text

December 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 7

  1. Why can't I make a article
  2. Do you have assissted access ?
  3. Template Problems...
  4. Naming a ref tag
  5. legal defense fund--Jammie Thomas
  6. What is Projectspace?
  7. Rearranging sections in an article
  8. Attempted retrieval of lost edit info?
  9. Can i add my business as an external link?
  10. Jewish customs & Sting
  11. Conflict of interest and requested edits
  12. Is there anyway to stop or slow down Sinebot...
  13. Forgot password
  14. showing a page on Wikipedia
  15. help
  16. Page doesnt show up
  17. How do I edit the page name
  18. Problem with a template calling itself (in the noinclude)
  19. How can I put my organization on wiki
  20. How to retrieve cite entire article
  21. how do i delete my own entry?
  22. Gift Article
  23. Article
  24. Pics
  25. Changing Username
  26. Vandalism on page
  27. Fcarolyn
  28. I can't log in, (incorrect password), haven't recieved new password email
  29. How do I delete a page?

December 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 8

  1. getting rid of red
  2. Changes to American Dream
  3. Invalid password
  4. User:Arsensalsa
  5. disappearing references
  6. Finding out who deleted a page
  7. Joe Klein article ("Controversy" section)
  8. Business Ethics
  9. Uploaded image to en and commons, now want to get rid of en version.
  10. Creating separate articles
  11. Translating
  12. Problem using Twinkle
  13. Delete redirected page?
  14. New User
  15. pictures.
  16. problem of format of audio and video files
  17. Lost my entry
  18. Help needed to post a transalted article
  19. Looking for work
  20. weight a baggage
  21. Archive size
  22. screwed up on posting info
  23. Small bug?
  24. An admin needing help

December 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 9

  1. Another small bug?
  2. A question about what constitutes 'promotion'
  3. Little green and red numbers on your watchlist?
  4. creating article
  5. Math thing
  6. Can't seem to get photo on to page
  7. Moving an article to an existing redirect
  8. 15th December
  9. latex
  10. Editing Wikipedia page about my father, Alexander Ulanovsky. Tried to edit it, but my corrections disappeared together with the original text. (Maya Ulanovskaya, E-mail address: <email removed>)
  11. My userpage broke
  12. can't edit page to include uploaded image thumbnail
  13. Supreme Court Justices
  14. Immigration
  15. disposal of solid wastes
  16. solid waste
  17. bot tells me to alter copywrite or lose the image
  18. I can't edit the Barbara Boxer page...
  19. Please, Help Me.
  20. Cencoring Pictures
  21. santa claus.
  22. Webpage
  23. Changing userpage & talk page background and border colour
  24. Extra braces
  25. Info
  26. Xavier House Publishing
  27. Have not received password retrieval email.
  28. Would linking to some of my own articles be an appropriate edit?
  29. help

December 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 10

  1. Invalid authorization code
  2. How much is fair to borrow from ?
  3. quick question
  4. Adding a page
  5. uploading a jpg
  6. Trying to create an account
  7. Need a little help customizing my signature
  8. How to get a application of ?
  9. Kudos!
  10. vandal
  11. Adding Shan Foods website on Wikipedia forum
  12. Help - none of my js is working anymore
  13. Search
  14. Submitting an article for deletion / review
  15. Template Help
  16. Moving pages/disambiguation rules
  17. How do I publish my article?
  18. Prevent Malicious Deletion of Added Material
  19. I need....
  20. Link to Jamestown Hospital
  21. adding an entry
  22. Wikipedia as source for itself
  23. Lynne Freed entry
  24. adding something to an article
  25. Dispute resolution with intransigent editors
  26. note
  27. printing
  28. Contacting administrator using the talk: page
  29. Interwiki image import
  30. apparent bug ...

December 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 11

  1. Vandalism on User Page
  2. merging of Dono to Japanese titles
  3. username
  4. How much original research is tolerated?
  5. My watchlist is not working
  6. logging on
  7. login problem
  8. sib
  9. Edit war on page Bulk_email_software
  10. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 11#Infoboxes with {{{data1}}}|Infoboxes with {{{data1}}}]]
  11. rotate text?
  12. How do I upload an image onto an existing page
  13. changing AIBA logo
  14. How to suggest deletion
  15. Two of the same pages
  16. adding to wikipedia.
  17. Adding a useful link to an outside website
  18. I would like to contribute my theory about creation on the first page
  19. Little Women (musical) external links
  20. Question regarding altered page
  22. I can't find the answer anywhere else...
  23. show times
  24. Template question
  27. posting article
  28. Javascript
  29. Firefox still having issues loading images
  30. How do I make an image template box?
  31. Invalid XML entities
  32. List of seiyu

December 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 12

  1. Copyright violation
  2. How to convert a Trac wiki page to wikipedia
  3. Article Creation
  4. full text of article disappeared after an edit
  5. end of block?
  6. Creating link with special chars
  7. Can I create?
  8. About pictures
  9. changing AIBA logo 2
  10. H I V virus
  11. Image update problem
  12. My name
  13. Case sensitive searches??
  14. WP:AIV "stats"
  15. post office
  16. Content Table
  17. changes and additions
  18. Number of hits per page.
  19. How to add folder location as link on wiki
  20. Flag Template in wikitable causing rendering problems?
  21. Help Desk too long for Browser?
  22. Why was ScheduleWorld deleted as spam?
  23. unclear licensing
  24. Pictures
  25. Merge 2 small articles into one?
  26. Adding an Entry
  27. Belo Horizonte
  28. Asking questions in an article
  29. Etiquette for rewriting an article
  30. WP:NEO
  31. The shortcuts have gone wrong
  32. Discussion of restrictions on unregistered users, as a group
  33. Authorship
  34. Finding digitized books by specific authors (& linking articles)

December 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 13

  1. Definition , antonyms, synonyms
  2. Jackass Number Two: Music from the Motion Picture
  3. Question regarding Wikipedia search results
  4. hacked website
  5. printing specific sections of article content
  6. Vandalism.
  7. Page appears different when I am signed in/not signed in
  8. CVS articel vs. Walgreens Article
  9. printing sections of article content
  10. how do you flag an article that is completly copied from another source?
  11. How to print and save Wikipedia pages with the font I want
  13. how long do I have?
  14. Speak with Ben Affleck
  15. email
  16. Template Table?
  17. PD-text
  18. Vandalism (Part 2)
  19. Incorrect Redirect
  20. deleting edit history
  21. Threat of being Blocked for alleged Vandalism
  22. Mobile portal??
  23. Capitalizing Headings
  24. If an item/entry is incomplete, or hasn't all the facts listed, how do I contact wikipedia to get it done fully?
  25. Page for Hammad Siddiqi
  26. Pages still locked
  27. conflict of interest
  28. Contact system to complacted
  29. I need help Editing certain false information in Wikipedia
  30. article name

December 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 14

  1. New title
  2. Wikisource Copyright
  3. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol
  4. Wikipedia "secret mailing list"
  5. grace period
  6. help me
  7. Rhys Is The Word
  8. sadomachoism
  9. Posting email addresses in articles
  10. Copyright Violation ?
  11. download
  12. User Talk Page
  13. Contacting authors of Wikipedia information
  14. Suggestion to improve Wikipedias - The Search Box.
  15. why my e-maill address is not valid?
  16. Changing page name
  17. uploading image / connecting to the article
  18. Wikipedia for Idiots
  19. Gas prices
  20. Looks like the entry under Hajj, first paragraph is *very* not correct (and offensive to boot).
  21. Carleton Holbrook
  22. Page deletion
  23. Plagerism?
  24. Wiki Debate
  25. Uploading 2D artwork
  26. Download file name and location for data export
  27. Help With Sevendust Page......
  28. Make an article
  29. Antique round cardboard container with metal and glass lid containing game of chance spinner and lithographed figures playing game
  30. Why does this page show up as CSD?
  31. Two questions....
  32. Deleting a noncontributing user accounts.

December 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 15

  1. Top 100/Top 1000 most viewed pages on Wikipedia
  2. American English vs English
  3. Login problem
  4. Quail Mountain, Joshua Tree National Park
  5. Please....
  6. How do I create a wikipedia article on a subject that is not already covered?
  7. How does one edit in multiple languages without multiple accounts?
  8. MidAmerica St. Louis Airport has had several important developments in 2007. They need to be added and the site needs updating PLEASE!.
  10. Meaning of Neutral Point of View
  11. Is there a most-effective way to edit?
  12. hello
  13. vietnam
  14. How do I just locate a simple Picture/drawing/ schematic of the "normal" female ESTROGEN molecule??
  15. Wikipedia deletes articles about an important historical website. How to stop that?
  16. Delete or change a re-direct
  17. 3RR Question
  18. creating a list template
  19. Usage of flag without country name
  20. How to find articles by amount of times accessed
  21. ImageBacklogBot
  22. Image question
  23. printable version
  24. Multiple accounts.
  25. use of html descriptive code
  26. history of usa
  27. Page title convention
  28. Reference not producing clickable link; please assist

December 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 16

  1. How do you make links?
  2. No 'edit' link
  3. Playboy Special Editions page
  4. Vandalism to Jennette McCurdy
  5. i cant start a new page
  6. Thompson, CT
  7. WTIC-FM "Wayback Weekend" Proof Needed
  8. Word with more than one meaning
  9. Side by side tables
  10. Fair use image question
  11. Talk page acting like a wormhole
  12. My Cookies and Account
  13. Problem Logging-in to other languaje's Wikipedia with an account from the English site
  14. Congressional District Demographic Boxes
  15. Inflation in the USA, what are the real numbers?
  16. Odd situation
  17. Hiding the title of an article
  18. Problem with WikiProject Constructed languages template
  19. Somebody deleted my contributions
  20. copying an article from wikipedia
  21. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 16#Photos not showing up in <gallery><.2Fnowiki>|Photos not showing up in <nowiki><gallery>]]
  22. Editing on a Disney character page
  23. editing
  24. How Do I Know How Many Edits I've Done?
  25. What's my 'username'? Does it matter? Should I just register afresh?
  26. Prob with e-mail...

December 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 17

  1. how do I add a photo?
  2. Further request on company article
  3. how to
  4. Writing articles about your company/competitors
  5. enhanced packet pc
  6. inappropriate content
  7. How to close your account
  8. buy video
  9. ?
  10. My Instructor used Wikipedia
  11. User keeps creating page that has been previously deleted
  12. Question About Speedy Deletion Of Submission
  13. Campese
  14. advanced search
  15. License Tagging...
  16. Manual:Parameters to index.php bug
  17. How to change font
  18. indonesian music
  19. Golf
  20. How to change a page's title
  21. Olympic Village Page
  22. Vandalism
  23. Making a Contribution
  24. any idea where to get help?
  25. Video clip?
  26. How do you make a wikipedia page?
  27. URGENT request for help on Tasco
  28. Message regarding editing: I didn't edit!
  29. Someone flout me and and delete my contributions !!!

December 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 18

  1. Create an Article Template?
  2. Inappropriate
  3. Title edit.
  4. Change the main title name
  5. Biological Engineering and Bioengineering
  6. Where did my article go?
  7. Can I be a contributing source of information?
  8. Ginger Jolie deletion
  9. white text?
  10. Switch user names?
  11. antigue pendant watches
  12. Use of prepositions and Conjunctions
  13. change username
  14. Previously deleted pic uploaded
  15. Using text from one article for another
  16. User page redirect
  17. talk page
  18. biodiesel
  19. Referencing companies working on OTEC
  20. Wikipedia blocked
  21. Black Wikipedia
  22. Copyright Violation
  23. who thought of wikipedia
  24. Triple images

December 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 19

  1. Which email address(es) do OTRS volunteers monitor?
  2. Online news
  3. Question about oversight
  4. Uncomplete information
  5. Am I able to create a new page?
  6. forgot password/old e-mail address
  7. Templates
  8. Wikipedia search box
  9. Having trouble editting a link.
  10. 2 questions (I think)
  11. How did I receive this email?
  12. Making a link to an edit page
  13. Trying to create a new page, but page name does not exist yet does not allow me to save one?
  14. Removing items from things-that-need-doing lists?
  15. Find essays
  16. Help with small clean-up
  17. publications of academic scientific articles
  18. Modification
  19. collection of solid waste for recycling
  20. Centreing
  21. Randolph Macon College
  22. Adding a reference/citation to an article
  23. Outline Numbering -- using styles other than pure numbers
  24. Reporting abuse
  25. Correcting Capitalization in Article Title
  26. Request Tags
  27. San Diego Chess Academy
  28. Questions regarding editing
  29. ISO 8601 format
  30. Seeing when/why a page was deleted
  31. 3RR
  32. Notability vote
  33. How to write a page or make one
  34. Editing politically sensitive content
  36. how do I change the title of my article?

December 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 20

  1. Wikipedia background colour
  2. Google Descriptions
  3. Wikipedia for the blind
  4. Nintendo
  5. Questions in Reference desk
  6. Is there a way to remove the (Other) Languages: headers
  7. User deletion
  8. The fine lines between vandalism, POV edits, speculation, and good faith
  9. I'd like to use Wikipedia software and tools to organize material for a book
  10. Studies
  11. Categories for Deletion
  12. why candles are lighted on the birthday cake and why a cake is cut on birthdays
  13. Wikipedia Gadgets
  14. Vulgur writing
  15. governer
  16. File upload/link problems
  17. Dead external links in citations
  18. Personal Opinion Insult
  19. why can't I edit the earth page?
  20. Can't add wikilink
  21. Anti vandal bots
  22. adding an article
  23. creating an account
  24. writing an article
  25. how to make an wikipedia
  26. No categories on template page, but on transcluded?
  27. computer voices
  28. Why does my signature not appear as a link anymore?
  29. website for non-profit event

December 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 21

  1. help...
  2. Gone missing: Did I Accidentally Delete The Notable People
  3. New Thoughts Area
  4. how to know about india by this wikipedia
  5. Deletion of article on Janette Geri
  6. Networking
  7. Who are the contriutors of articles in Wikipedia?
  8. how to travel to taj mahal
  9. Bremerhaven Airport
  10. Posting a Completely new topic, HOW ? WHERE ?
  11. CDW
  12. How to add a citation source to another's entry that has a "citation needed" note
  13. Admin mop logo on non-administrator user pages
  14. Deletions
  15. Missing changes
  16. Updated congregations content, by Rabbi Z'chariah L'wi, the spiritual leader, to reflect and retain accuracy.
  17. Incorrect Font That is Really Small Using Wikipedia
  18. Deleting talk page info.
  19. Vandalism
  20. Vandalism on The Twelve Days of Christmas (song)
  21. new account
  22. Wikibreak enforcer
  23. Links that don't show up
  24. martial arts

December 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 22

  1. Article Views
  2. Forbidden list for websites
  3. Is this allowed?
  4. Cite
  5. Pages / Topics Visited History?
  6. I wanted to contact the President of Nigeria regarding my personal problem
  7. Map coordinates
  8. want to add Hindi to the "Language List" on the left column
  9. Yin Yoga & Simon Low's biography
  10. to take MP vote value
  11. Using lyrics in articles
  12. Link to references given at the bottom of same page.
  13. my mercedes homes listing

December 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 23

  1. Removal of speedy deletion tags
  2. Template help
  3. Copyvio misbehavior
  4. Display of ‐
  5. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 23#|]]
  6. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 23#|]]
  7. pls help!
  8. Archive vandalism
  9. islamic nations
  10. Finding arbcom investigation/decission
  11. Translation
  12. does wikipedia provide web services?
  14. How to embed select wiki content on websites
  15. My Page
  16. I put my request right at the top of the page and no-one saw it
  17. Giving support
  18. MLA Format Citation
  19. Use of References
  20. Editing Wikipedia is painful : Wikipeida should provide a WYSIWYG editor asap, like Google does
  21. My Roommate Would Like Some Help
  22. templates

December 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 24

  1. Hurt (Self-titled)
  2. Cannot open account
  3. robin williams
  4. Wiktionary
  5. Musical Symbols
  6. Article is causing a redirect
  7. e-mail
  8. Purpose?
  9. olive oil
  10. Want to display Fortune 1000 list on my computer
  11. Idea for wikipedia
  12. Long lost friend
  13. templatesf
  14. New user help
  15. This question is not about using Wikipedia, but I'm not sure where else to ask
  16. Erroneous entry on The Brights' Net page (December 24, 2007)
  17. The word "search" in many languages
  18. Automatic WP to Commons image transfer
  19. User style
  20. Infobox
  21. What is bread?

December 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 25

  1. noinclude style tags for cross-project use
  2. Editing a Title
  3. Is there a template...
  4. Blocked IP address
  5. aerofoil
  6. Question about WP:EL
  7. New Article for already used name
  8. Editing an article
  9. Indian wedding card Invitation quotation sample
  10. You won't let me sign in. Why?
  11. how to add a new article?
  12. Something is spelled wrong and I can't find the "edit" link!
  13. How To Make An Artice

December 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 26

  1. Why have I been bloccked indefinitely?
  2. Articles by age
  3. Text alignment
  4. Highlights
  5. Plagiarism
  6. how to remove images used for spam
  7. Removing Subpages and userpage, talkpage.
  8. Uno Spin card game rules
  9. download link in article
  10. University of Nalanda
  11. What's the point of this box?
  12. Military bases in US States
  13. Reverse a list
  14. publishing a new page
  15. Wikithoritarianism vs. Wikidemocratism

December 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 27

  1. Citing a reference's author
  2. WTIC-FM Article Update Question
  3. capitalism
  4. usability from the "secure" wikipedia
  5. Auto marking as patrolled
  6. infobox for "pronunciation" and "also called"
  7. system security scanner
  8. I'm confused about where to do the content editing?
  9. Archive
  10. Account appears to be linked to a single language
  11. Proofreading
  12. Currency standards used by Wikipedia
  13. ministers of pakistan
  14. Marking patrolled
  15. Back to currencies
  16. Cannot understand if the source is reliable in wikipedia
  17. Editing log in
  18. citing info/sources
  19. Changing the skin to default skin
  20. Dowloading to make a time consuming edit off line
  21. Wikipedia Search Log
  22. Can't find my own questions; codes in different colour, please.
  23. Text protection
  24. How to place a Wikipedia listing
  25. Impossible Dream
  26. Brights movement
  27. consolidated in-line citations suddenly turn RED
  28. Wikipedia on SmartPhone using Windows Mobile 6.0

December 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 28

  1. Using the Wikipedia Open Ticket Request System
  2. Images of oneself and rights
  3. Polarity therapy page missing [edit]
  4. Markup error
  5. To update Special:Ancientpages
  6. Looking for information on Italian Miliarty records.
  7. Depicting Muhammed in pictures at Wikipedia article
  8. Disambiguation template thingy... (SOLVED)
  9. Categories
  10. About ISP Market in Bangla Desh
  11. getting wikipedia CD
  12. Resolving persistent errors in category info-box
  13. Images
  14. search
  15. Can I use a widget on Wikipedia to import a photo gallery?
  16. Article written as an advertisment
  17. 2 Questions regarding posting
  18. create page for a candidate
  19. Vandalizing my contributions
  20. Category mishap

December 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 29

  1. Dual licencing
  2. rated articles
  3. page editing
  4. This Tutorial is great!
  5. the love of god
  6. RadioIO Article Creation
  7. Related Links in Optical Coherence Tomography page
  8. Non IT
  9. Mystery Fish: Fish of Babel!! Where to report differences in different languages?
  10. Mystery Fish 2: Missing Links!
  11. Mystery Fish 3: Lost in Translation
  12. Machine translation used in Wikipedia
  13. Can someone check this edit?
  14. Arbor Day Foundation 2008 Drive
  15. Personal life of Osama bin Laden
  16. Watchlist problem
  17. Standard procedure for linking to WikiSource?
  18. Transcluded editable template
  19. Replacing photo.
  20. responses
  21. Suggestion on Peer-Producing Note on Wiki
  22. POV in Articles on Religion
  23. POV metastasis of something a little off?
  24. American

December 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 30

  1. adding images
  2. font/typeface
  3. WP:GA
  4. creating an article
  5. Turning off SVG support
  6. how do I create a page for wikipedia and where exactly do I start?
  7. Collapsing info on user talk page?
  8. Removing unneccesary references
  9. Please explain to me why my add-on are removed
  10. Question by
  11. Unapproved bots everywhere!
  12. Edit Page Waste
  13. Uploaded images
  14. Clerk?
  15. Translator
  16. lyopholize & lyopholizer
  17. Self promotion
  18. Image templates on Wikimedia
  19. Wikipedia "accuses" me of spamming!!! ;-)
  20. My addition to "alternative theories" in "Gravitation" and to the "Pioneer Anomaly appear to have been deleted.
  21. power of attorney
  22. Proposing multiple deletions at the same time
  23. Possible uncivilness?
  24. How to edit navigation box headings and links

December 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2007 December 31

  1. article on not-for-profit organization
  2. Show/hide
  3. Four tildes
  4. content I add to a page is constantly taken off
  5. How do I change the Title of my article?
  6. Wikipedia "accuses" me of spamming - NOT resolved
  7. hindi wikipedia
  8. hi frnd any body over there help
  9. adding a page
  10. Confused about the replies to postings
  11. metric conversion
  12. the diference between static and changing menu
  13. Infobox Fashion Designer template & photo
  14. Citing a PDF document
  15. Twinkle
  16. Interpreting the different colors associated with an authors works
  17. Editing References
  18. I want to make an edit to the opening sentence on a page.
  19. Having trouble with citing info on Bob Eubanks page.
  20. Template for canvass-prone xFD discussions
  21. Revised Peer Review
  22. Username Usurpation question
  23. Is there a limit to the number of ((citation )) entries per page?
  24. Can somebody good with tables help me?
  25. Wikipedia: External Links in need of policy revisement?