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Eric J. Radloff (born August 23, 1981) is one of the most prolific Russian singers and songwriters, writing some lines for Limp Bizkit, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and his own bands.

Radloff was born in Moscow, Russia by Sergei and Katherine Radloff. Katherine came from America to Russia as a missionary in 1978 and met Sergei within 15 minutes of touchdown at the luggage claim area. Eric was then born a little over 3 years later.

At a young age Radloff would plink around with a piano and soon began composing at the young age of 7. Eric started performing his compositions at recitals and people noticed his talent. Concerts were set up for young Radloff and some Russians began comparing him to famous composer Sergei Prokofiev.


Radloff was a member of three bands. His first was Gillian's Licorice (1996-1997), which he wrote the music for and sang lead vocals. Only one album (self-titled ) was released but it never reached the charts. His second band, Zercules (1998-2000), released two albums. One was self-titled, and the other album was Georgio, named after his favorite pizza place in Moscow. None reached the charts. His current band, Speetzo (2000-current), has released four albums. One was self-titled. The first one to ever reach the charts, Zercules (named after his old band), peaked at 187 on the top 200 albums sold in Russia. Another album, Lillian, didn't reach the charts. Just Another James, the latest and most successful album, peaked at 68 on the top 200 albums in Russia. Just Another James provided the first top 40 Russian hit, Why Now? which reached the number seven position on the charts. Another album is in the making and should be around in July of 2006. It is rumoured to be called יהוהיהוה, which is Hebrew for Tetragrammaton.

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