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As Liam Wyatt was in Adelaide for a short time, we thought it would be nice to see if we could run a short-notice meetup, as it should be fun. Thus we're meeting at 6pm, Sunday 12 June 2011 at Bruneli's on Rundle Street (down the Rundle Mall end, just past the entrance to the big car park that has Hungry Jacks under it). There are some suggestions of beer afterwards, which would be a good thing.


  • Time: 6:00pm start (one or other of us will be there before that, so don't worry about getting there alone :) )
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Date: 12 June 2011
  • Location: Bruneli's on Rundle Street, at the Rundle Mall end, then moving to Cibo Expresso upstairs.
  • Directions: It is just past the car park that has the bright lights at night and the Hungry Jacks below. Just leave the mall, wander up past the car park entrance, and there you will be.


Will be attending[edit]


From memory (almost three years after the event!), despite the short notice a number of editors and interested family/friends attended, including

It was a very informative evening, with Liam telling us about GLAM-Wiki collaborations, and his experiences as a Wikipedian-in-residence at the British Museum. For me, this was the catalyst that lead me (in collaboration with Bilby) some months later to start making contacts and initiating discussions with our South Australian cultural institutions, on the possibility of setting up local GLAM-Wiki projects. Bahudhara (talk) 03:00, 4 June 2014 (UTC)