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Wikipedia:Meetup/Columbus/Buckeye Edit-A-Thon 2015

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Buckeye Edit-A-Thon 2015

The Buckeye Edit-A-Thon, now over.

Welcome to the Buckeye Edit-A-Thon! This is a new event taking place at Ohio State that brings students together to learn about and contribute to Wikipedia.

An edit-a-thon is an event where editors get together, focus on a specific topic, and start editing. The focus of the Buckeye Edit-A-Thon will be to get Ohio State students into Wikipedia and improve articles related to Columbus and Ohio State.

The first part of the event will be a presentation on Wikipedia and an introduction aimed towards new editors, who are welcome and encouraged to join! Most attendees will have never edited Wikipedia before. We'll then begin working together on improving Columbus and Ohio State-related articles. The goal will be for everyone to walk away with a better understanding of Wikipedia, the confidence and ability to edit, and having been able to contribute to the improvement of actual articles.

Plenty of food (Jimmy John's!), chips, and drinks will be provided, along with vegetarian options. All participants will also walk away with a small goody-bag. If you're planning on attending, please take a few seconds to RSVP. This event is brought to you by Ohio State Students' Activity Fees.


We've created a list of articles that need expansion, cleanup, and sources. A lot of these are great places to start, especially for new editors.


  • Date: September 8
  • Time: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Location: Thompson Library Rooms 150A/B
  • Food and drink will be provided!
  • Please bring a laptop you can access the web from. Let us know if you can't.
  • RSVP here!


  • Total turnout: 15
  • Attendees who have never edited: 6
  • Articles edited: 19[1]
  • Articles created: 2[2]
  • Number of edits to articles: 67



  1. ^ While the goal was to edit articles related to Ohio State and Wikipedia, some editors chose other subjects they were more experienced and/or interested in, and also edited the articles they were suggested to edit upon joining. Most still edited at least one article related to Ohio State. The articles edited are: Oozo.tv - One Nationwide Plaza - The Towers (Ohio State) - Martin O'Donnell - Ohio Union - Cardcaptor Sakura - Albatross (programming language) - Columbus City Council - Répertoire du goût moderne - Ohio State University - Buckeye Valley High School - The Gingerdead Man - 1912 Ohio State Buckeyes football team - Buckeye TV - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - North Market - Sonic Adventure 2 - Milo-Grogan - Columbus, Ohio
  2. ^ 1912 Ohio State Buckeyes football team - Répertoire du goût moderne