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Cleveland Park Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

With the help of experienced Wikipedians, attendees will learn to edit Wikipedia and improve articles on historic sites, people, and institutions in and around Cleveland Park.

Laptops are required. Please bring your own. Wikimedia has two laptops to loan. Reserve one by emailing

Lunch will be provided.


Saturday, November 10, 2018 11AM-2PM


Cleveland Park Library
3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008


Registration has closed. For more upcoming events visit Wikimedia DC's Events Calendar


Cleveland Park Edit-a-thon 2018 Slides

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1) Select 'Sign in'
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Suggested Work List[edit]

Work list in multiple formats[edit]


Cleveland Park
:Main page needs fleshing out and has some outdated information. Paul K. Williams and Kelton C. Higgins, Cleveland Park (Images of America)
McLean Gardens
Need photos
Needs additional citations and contains some oddities.


Rosedale (Washington, D.C.)
:Article is a stub with some major errors and omissions. It needs a photo.
Tregaron/The Causeway
John Eaton Elementary School
Sedgwick Gardens
:Needs inline citations to reliable sources (per tag on page). Parts of article read like subjective boosterism for the management company.
Recent landmark nomination
:Might be improved with reference to Kim Prothro Williams, Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, DC.
Uptown Theater
:“Multiple issues.” Links need updating


Adas Israel Congregation
  • Martin Garfinkle, The Jewish Community of Washington, DC—copy in CP Library
St. Albans Church
:Currently a stub; needs secondary sources.
Washington National Cathedral
:Sections on architecture and burials currently flagged as needing citations.
  • Frederick Quinn, A House of Prayer for All People
National Cathedral School
:Needs citations for what is there now. Has no information at all on the school’s history.
  • Mary Kay Lewis, Polished Corners: A History of The National Cathedral School for Girls—Carin will bring a copy
St. Albans School
:Needs citations for what is there now. Has no information at all on the school’s history. There is a history of the school published fairly recently.
Washington International School
:Article needs a lot of work.
National Zoological Park (United States)
:Flagged as needing more citations.
Wisconsin Avenue
:Article contains no information about its earlier identtiy (Tenallytown Pike, Rockville Pike, etc.) except in Georgetown, and no discussion of its streetcars. These names show up in a lot of Civil War histories, so there’d be some use in expanding the article.


William Christenberry
Uriah Forrest
:There are some minor inaccuracies in the references to Rosedale in this article, and no cross-references to the Rosedale article. :Update/correct this after improving the Rosedale article. (See Rosedale sources.)
Paul J. Pelz
* List of houses in Cleveland Park could be expanded (CP NR nomination + HistoryQuest DC)
Susan Shreve
:“Multiple issues” (living person)
Waddy Butler Wood
:Needs citations

Additional sources:[edit]

  • G. Martin Moeller, AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington, DC (2012 edition)—Carin has this on Kindle.

Kim Prothro Williams, Lost Farms and Estates of Washington, DC—Carin will bring a copy.


  • Edited all the Wikidata items for these and included descriptions and aliases for all. -- Fuzheado | Talk 13:12, 12 November 2018 (UTC)