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Logo for the project Just For The Record – addressing how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and what influence this has on the way history is recorded.
Relocation : Queer and Feminist Archives

Just For The Record presents a new event![edit]

While Just for the Record questions and occupies digital collaborative knowledge platforms, it is easy to forget that online initiatives depend on the existing structures of archives, both grassroots and institutionalised. An organisation that has been an invaluable companion for our events is RoSa, a knowledge center for gender and feminism based in Brussels. It is in collaboration with them that we would like to invite you to a day of reflections and discussions on the possibilities and challenges of queer and feminist archives.

As RoSa is facing an imminent double relocation — physical and digital —, the diverse problematics surrounding the development and the maintenance of a (queer/feminist) library and archive are being exacerbated. Concerns range from the categories used by search engines and online catalogues, to very practical ones like the need to carefully balance the weight of books for the floors not to collapse.

Just as it happens on Wikipedia, the techniques and methods of archiving risk reflecting existing biases if we don't actively question them. How do we keep traces of the voices that are so often silenced because they don't fit within existing frameworks? How do we create new modes of recording those stories and rethink the traditional library/archive to accommodate those atypical documents?

Along with presentations on the work that lies behind the RoSa library and archives, we have invited three guest speakers to broaden the topic of queer archives.

Free event, open to all, with food and drinks provided! Send us an email at info[at] to book a place + get more info! Bring your laptop.

Pictures of the event[edit]

More pictures here!

Queer and Feminist Archives JFTR presentation 01
Queer and Feminist Archives JFTR presentation 02
Queer and Feminist Archives JFTR presentation 03
Queer and Feminist Archives JFTR presentation 04
Queer and Feminist Archives JFTR presentation 06


  • 10:30 arrival
  • 10:45 practical info
  • 10:50 JFTR: presentation
  • 11:20 RoSa Doc: introduction of RoSa’s projects, its library, its archives and its knowledge center, and upcoming changes.
  • 11:30 Maarten: Guided tour of the library and selection of archival pieces
  • 12:15 Questions / time to look at archival pieces
  • 12:30 Lunch + round of presentation/names
  • 13:30 Els Flour and Bart De Nil: “What is this/a collection, on preserving sources and unlocking oral sources, and on feminist oral history”
  • 14:15 Questions
  • 14:30 Marion: presentation "Queer Lives and Queer Archives: Listening to music in LGBTQ lives"
  • 15:15 Open discussion and editing session around practices of archives: from personal archives to collective and the institutional
  • 16:00 Round off, what to take home/into the future.
  • 16:15 End

Practical Information[edit]

  • Lieu: RoSa, Koningsstraat 136, 1000 Brussels
  • Date: Saturday 25.03.17
  • Horaire: 10:30-16:30
  • Language: Dutch, English, French
  • Cost: Free
  • Participants: Open to anyone interested in this experience: beginners welcome! débutant(e)s bienvenu(e)s! beginners welkom! Experienced Wikipedia editors will be present and will share their knowledge in editing Wikipedia.
  • What to Bring: Attendees can bring their own laptops and power cords.
  • A temporary library will be set up by the participants who are invited to bring their books and digital documents to share with the others!

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Participants :[edit]