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About Wikipedia (general)[edit]

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On Wikipedia’s gender gap[edit]



Researcher’s papers[edit]

Wikipedia is not attracting a representative population of female contributors, as lesbians account for 24% of the contributors while only comprising between 1.5% and 4.1% of the female population.

Newspapers’ articles[edit]

On (wider) gaps in writing knowledge and history[edit]

history was and is still written by the same few privileged ones[edit]

75.8 percent of history books published for general readers in 2015 are written by male authors, and subjects were 71.7 percent of the biographies are about male figures.

encyclopedias and gender representations[edit]

(about Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Brittanica) Wikipedia dominates Britannica in biographical coverage, but more so when it comes to men. […] Britannica is more balanced in whom it neglects to cover than Wikipedia.

gender gap in new media/technology/cyberspace[edit]

balance in the users (readers) of the internet[edit]

cyberspace is not gender-free[edit]

Free culture has a particularly big gender gap[edit]

There are less women in tech[edit]

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