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Yorkville Public Library

Event information[edit]

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As trusted knowledge mediators, libraries have a responsibility to help improve the presence of Canadian culture on Wikimedia platforms. In this edit-a-thon, participants will ensure their own libraries are represented on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikipedia, and be better prepared to lead edit-a-thons in their own communities. Outcomes: Inspire libraries and archives to organize Wikipedia and Wikidata edit-a-thons with their communities; create as well as provide information.

When: Thursday, Feb 01 | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Metro Toronto Conference Centre (MTCC) - 203AB

Presentation: workshop slides

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Atrium, Scott Library, York University

What can I work on?[edit]


If your library already has a page you can consider adding further factual information such as:

  • historical information
  • information about branches
  • architecture
  • founder
  • information about unique collections.

It is important to remember to keep a neutral tone to your writing. You do not want your article to sound like a promotional piece.

Articles about Canadian libraries[edit]


Add a citation to an article about a Canadian library!

The 3rd iteration of the #1Lib1Ref is on now. The premise is very simple, if every librarian added one citation information on Wikipedia would be more accurate and verifiable. Be sure to add the #1Lib1Ref hashtag in your edit summary!

These libraries need citations added to their pages: Zotero group library

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Wikipedia Commons is a repository of digital material. It is primarily made up of images. If you want to illustrate your Wikipedia article, you need to add it to Commons first. A point to remember:

  • You must have permission of the rights holder to upload, or the content must be in the public domain or freely licensed.

Wikimedia Commons Library Categories[edit]


Donating data to Wikidata

Guide to adding and editing libraries on Wikidata

Get your (neighbour's) library on Wikidata[edit]

To avoid a conflict of interest, you shouldn't work on your own library. But hopefully you're sitting with someone who brought references and media about their library, so that they can work on adding or improving your library's presence on Wikidata, while you work on their library. Quid pro quo, make a friend, etc!

Put the J. N. Desmarais Library on Wikidata[edit]

To avoid a conflict of interest, Laurentian University has not yet had any of its libraries described on Wikidata. You can fix that! J. N. Desmarais Library references contains a useful reference, some suggested values, and a photo you can upload to Wikimedia Commons.

You can also use the references to add some basic info about the library to the Laurentian University Wikipedia page, where it currently is not mentioned!

General quick wins for Canadian libraries[edit]

If nobody near you has materials ready to help you get their library on Wikidata, there is still a lot of good you can do to help improve the representation of Canadian libraries in Wikidata:

Resources for editing[edit]

Asking for help and resolving disputes[edit]

Further resources[edit]