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Aum Shinrikyo[edit]

The article was very pro-Aum POV before some edits I made yesterday, and still needs a lot of work. A quick perusal of the group (now known as Aleph)'s website shows that our article ignores some major doctrinal points. This is to say nothing of most of the other sites on the web about the group, which bare little or no resemblance to the Wikipedia article. - Nat Krause 05:31, 27 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Quality of the article has nothing to do with whether this resembles 'most of the other sites on the web' IMO and whether it looks like pro-something or contra-anything to anyone IMO isn't also very relevant as soon as factual correctness of the picture to the degree of absence of gross mistakes remains in place. Trying to 'balance' the article that gives an impression of being too mild towards the controversial subject with edits making the subject appear less attractive without regard to facts is imposing the POV de facto while advocating neutrality verbally.

It is best to be neutral, so removing the emotionally charged statements would IMO be the best NPOV. As to the doctrinal points, please kindly start to debate them in talks. Previously we debated one of the doctinal points which resulted in you deleting your signature from the text. Currently the text was considerably expanded with links to the sources and I very much thankful for this valuable addition. Quotes from the sources added that were contradictory to the facts were removed from the article text but edits thorouly explained. I am very sorry you didn't find the time to debate most of them by their merits.