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Grey's Anatomy[edit]


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This peer review discussion has been closed.
I've listed this article for peer review because it was recently listed as a good article and even though it is far from featured article, I want to make that happen. In order to do this, I need to know what this article needs to make it to FA status. I think the 'series overview' section needs work but I would like specific details on what this article needs.

Thanks, TRLIJC19 (talk) 17:23, 2 January 2012 (UTC)

Comments from Lemonade51

Thank you for your effort on this. Alas, I'm not the biggest fan of Grey's Anatomy—in fact I haven't even watched it properly since the Season three finale but this is a generally well written piece. The page ratings support that, it must be viewed by thousands every month (one would guess) so logically this has the potential to be a FA. Here are some suggestions and ideas:

  • For inspiration, take a look at other WP:FAC's related to your topic. There aren't much TV show articles with a 'FA' status; House (TV series) featured on the Wikipedia home page last May so that would be a start. Or even check out The Simpsons, in spite of it being an animated sitcom. Firefly is another one.
  • I am not entirely convinced about WP:LEAD. Ask yourself this: when reading it, does it provide a summary of the show?
  • "A spin-off show, titled Private Practice, revolving around character Addison Montgomery...", what is that doing in the second paragraph of the lead? It's like someone reading about Friends and halfway down a few sentences start learning about Joey when they don't even know about the original Friends characters or whether the show was a success (OK, maybe they could have guessed that because of the spin-off but you do understand where I'm trying to get at?). Surely any mention of a spinoff programme should be in the final paragraph, or third in this case where it discusses the success of the show.
  • Is there any summary about the show's main characters and general themes in the lead? You don't have to go into too much detail, brief would be fine.
  • "Regarding the eighth season, Dempsey stated that...", would that quote be justifiable in the lead? Because this is an ever changing subject (will Dempsey leave/stay on?), maybe it would be best to leave that somewhere else for now.
  • Good to see that there aren't any Dablinks. However, there are two dead links which unfortunately passed away on the 3 January. Consider replacing them.
  • "The title Grey's Anatomy was devised as a play on...", It would be nice if you have a ref to back this up. Maybe you could mention this in the lead and blend it with the character Meredith Grey. That way you have answered one of my earlier points.
  • Casting? How did Patrick Dempsey get his role for instance?
  • Ideally there should be more background information under 'Production'. How was the programme concepted? Origin? Did the producers budge other networks before ABC? Who did the creator originally intend the target audience to be set at? There should be articles available, an interview even of Shonda Rhimes before the show launched in 2005. Researching this might be the difficult part.
  • "Mark Kimson of The Guardian has credited Grey's Anatomy with popularizing the "songtage", or musical montage segments.", consider a Cultural impact section perhaps? That paragraph alone would be good as a standalone, of course you may want to beef up the production bit before doing so.
  • Anything on Distribution? Where is the programme shown in the United Kingdom, Australia for instance? How many countries does the programme reach out to?
  • For TV seasons, use the en dash ( – )
  • Putting headers of all seasons in the series overview seems the lazy way out. One way could be explaining what the ordinary viewer can expect in any episode – like House does. Alternatively you could do something like Friends by stating the goings-on in each season. However you may need to develop story arcs and themes better.

I will post any more suggestions if I have any in the coming days. – Lemonade51 (talk) 01:12, 7 January 2012 (UTC)