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Persepolis FC[edit]

Please give any suggestions you have which can help raise the importance level and quality scale, even if you don't understand Persian or like the team.Nokhodi 07:16, 27 March 2007 (UTC)


Here are a few places to start:

  • Wikipedia is perhaps not a repository for links, but it is indeed a large repository for featured soccer-related articles. Check out Arsenal F.C., Chelsea F.C., Everton F.C., IFK Göteborg, Manchester City F.C., and Sheffield Wednesday F.C. which are all featured articles. Here you should get a bunch of good ideas for layout and other such things. An article you can use that currently has an open FAC is Ipswich Town F.C.. Since it is about to pass, there you can see what it takes to pass the latest FA criteria.
  • You need to find mostly English sources for the English Wikipedia. People here need to be able to verify the information supplied. You can have some Persian links to info you can't find in English, but it needs to be mostly in English if you can. Doing...
  • The article needs many more references. Doing...
  • Check to see if it's a naming convention to call a football club an F.C. instead of FC. Done
  • Lots and lots of red links. While you're finding information for this article, I'm sure you can find some useful info for the people to whom you link. Done
  • You neem to come up with a better name for the section titled "1979-89." Done
  • The article needs a (read: several) heavy copyedit (read: copyedits) because there are parts that seem to be written by a non-native English speaker. Doing...

That's all I can come up with now. Try to flesh things out and summarize them at the same time. The best way you can raise the quality of this article is by taking it under your wing and trying to get everything right without any POV-pushing (a difficult thing to do for a sports team, admittedly). JHMM13 08:19, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

The Rambling Man[edit]

Hi there. Knowing nothing about this club is probably a good place for me to start peer reviewing this article! As JHMM13 said above, Ipswich Town F.C. did indeed make it to featured status so is a useful guide to what ought to achieve community consensus to promote to FA. Anyway, my specific comments:

  • The article has no references at all. When adding these, pay heed to WP:FOOT.
  • Is it FC or F.C.? This peer review heading redirects to F.C. but it's FC in the infobox. Done
  • Four short paragraphs in the lead, could do with merging or expanding, per WP:LEAD. Done
  • History is probably broken up under too many sub-headings. Done
  • Several elements of familiarity in the prose ("...the boss was a big fan...", "1990s were a dream decade...") which need to be toned down or cited as quotations.
  • With football seasons, n-dash is used i.e. not 1995-96, use 1995–96, as per WP:DASH. Done
  • As above, some terms I'm not familiar with, e.g. until I clicked on it, I did know Pas was another club - I think they could be introduced.
  • What's happened to the rest of the club season-by-season, since the honours go back to 1973? Probably not worth the season-by-season stuff, if need be, create a sub-article to contain all the records of the club. Done
  • Squad changes - not required, if anything truly significant has happened then it should either be in the history section, or a sub-page which is more detailed. Done
  • Famous players - famous to whom? I'm afraid to say that I'm familiar with only one or two. Yet again, a sub-page could be used. What criteria are you applying to them being famous? Some don't have an article. Done

Feel free to take all my comments with a pinch of salt, hopefully some of them will be of use to you. Don't hesitate to let me know if I can help clarify anything. All the best The Rambling Man 17:27, 30 March 2007 (UTC)