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Randy Orton[edit]

Randy Orton is a bright upstart in the wrestling industry, and because he happened to start his career at a time when most wrestling fans began to blab info on their computers, there's a wealth of info on him. He's a popular wrestler, a controversial figure in his own right, and a colorful character in the ring. Although far from a mainstream celebrity or a popular influential person, his biography, because he is so well-known among today's wrestling community, can serve as a guide for the pages of other wrestlers.

Truth be known, most wrestling-oriented wikipedians lack the necessary perspective to put the details of his life in order; with the help of ordinary editors, who are not fans of the sport and who will not give value to useless details, this page can become a major success for writing articles on wrestling subjects.

I appreciate all feedback! Sincerely, --Screwball23 talk 02:30, 19 August 2007 (UTC)