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WikiProject Progressive Judaism

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WikiProject Progressive Judaism is a forum to discuss, share and expand the knowledge base about topics related to modern Liberal/Reform/Progressive Judaism and its historical antecedents. We welcome all thoughts, suggestions, and levels of participation. Please place comments and discussions on the Talk page.

Getting Involved

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WikiProject Progressive Judaism.

If you are interested in helping out with the project in any capacity, please visit Category:WikiProject Progressive Judaism participants for instructions on how to add yourself to our participants list. Please feel free to add your name in here.

We also invite you to add this page to your watchlist and use it to discuss various issues and to request other users' assistance elsewhere in the Wiki!

What's Happening

  • Project setup - see our talk page for todo items.
  • Peer review - if you would like an article reviewed by project participants, please add a link to the article here.
  • Refactoring - we're refactoring the Progressive Judaism articles by region - come help and add what you know about each region!
  • New template - we have a new navigation template for the Progressive Judaism articles - if you have an idea of how to improve it, or just want to check it out - visit Template:ProgressiveJudaism


{{ProgressiveJudaism}}} navigation template for regional articles on Progressive, Liberal, and Reform Judaism
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