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A WikiProject is a team of editors who want to work together to improve Wikipedia. There are currently about two thousand existing groups, and you are welcome to join one of them.

A large number of WikiProjects are, unfortunately, inactive, but you are encouraged to join one and attempt to revitalize it.

In the unlikely event that there is no applicable WikiProject covering your interests, you may like to try to start a fresh one. If you would like to start a new WikiProject, then this is a good place to advertise your proposed project to people who might like to join, and to get suggestions from knowledgeable editors about improving your proposal. If you do not have a group of people, then you do not have a WikiProject, even if you have created a WikiProject page. A WikiProject is the people, not the page.

Proposing a WikiProject[edit]

It is strongly recommended that you propose a WikiProject here to see if there are enough willing editors to participate in the project, if it should be a WikiProject or task force, and if the scope of the project should be changed in any way. You may post proposals that would benefit Wikipedia, even if you would not join the proposed WikiProject yourself. Already existing WikiProjects can be found in the directory. You can also use the Special:Search box below to locate existing WikiProjects and task forces.

If you already have enough interested editors willing to help with your new project, or if your project gains support from 6–12 active Wikipedians here, it could probably benefit from the organisational boost of having a proper page. Strike its entry on the list and follow the instructions for creating new projects. If you want to start a page before you have 6–12 active Wikipedians, consider setting up the page on a subpage of your user page until it is active, while leaving the posting here with a link to the user page. You can also promote the newly created WikiProject at {{Announcements/Community bulletin board}}. Also, check the archives (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) to see if your idea has been previously proposed (all failed proposals older than 3 months are moved there).

Proposing a task force[edit]

Any existing WikiProject can create a task force whenever it chooses, so the normal place to propose a task force is at the parent WikiProject's talk page. Copying the proposal here is not required, but you can use this page to advertise a newly created task force, or to see whether a focused task force might draw in enough editors to make its creation worthwhile.

Creating a proposal[edit]

Creating a proposal (please read the relevant guides below first)
General guide · WikiProject guide · Task force guide · Technical notes
  • Type the name of the proposed project in the input box below (after "/Proposals/") and click "create page"
  • On the created page, replace "ProjectName" and "ProjectDescription" appropriately. Save the page to let the software process the template, then edit it again to read the new directions and improve your project description.
  • Add [[/ProjectName|ProjectName]] under the "Current proposals" section here

Current proposals[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide/WikiProject for practical advice on starting a new project. Archived proposals can be found in Category:Archived WikiProject proposals

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