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Teahouse:monthly metrics

1/1/2014 through 1/31/2014

Want more data? The metrics report from the pilot period is available in the Pilot Metrics Report, and cumulative metrics through the end of Phase 2 are available Phase 2 Metrics Report. Previous incremental metrics are available here.

Activity metrics from the last month are presented below. For comparison, metrics for the month before are also listed. Numbers that have improved over the previous month are in green, declines in activity (and increases in response time) are highlighted in red.

This report is automatically generated on the first of every month by HostBot. To check on the status of automated invites, go to the invitee reports page. If you have questions, chat up Jtmorgan.


Total questions asked as of 2014-02-22: 2736
month questions questions per day questions per week average questions per guest average responses per question mean time to first response
Last month (1/2014) 301 9.71 67.97 1.34 2.92 166.47
Two months ago (12/2013) 236 7.61 53.27 1.22 3.07 141.64

Guest profiles[edit]

Total guest profiles created as of 2014-02-22: 883
month profiles created profiles per day profiles per week
Last month (1/2014) 77 2.48 17.36
Two months ago (12/2013) 43 1.39 9.73

Host activity[edit]

Total hosts who have participated as of 2014-02-22: 231
month hosts who participated new hosts who joined hosts who stopped participating
Last month (1/2014) 17 0 0

Page views[edit]

Total page views for the Teahouse main page (not including sub-pages) last month.

month total pageviews pageviews per day
Last month (01/2014) 7965 265.5
Two months ago (12/2013) 6364 205.29