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How to reduce or enlarge font sizes

Editors should avoid manually inserting large and small font sizes into prose. Increased and decreased font size should primarily be produced through automated facilities such as headings or through carefully designed templates. Below is one list of font sizing templates that have been tested and are available if needed:

Font size templates
Template Size Semantics Sample
{{small}} 85% <small> HHHHH
{{smaller}} 90% none HHHHH
{{midsize}} 92% none HHHHH
none 100% none HHHHH
{{larger}} 110% none HHHHH
{{big}} 120% none HHHHH
{{large}} large none HHHHH
{{huge}} 180% none HHHHH
{{resize}} 90% default none HHHHH

Example: {{big|Will make the text here larger}} will produce: Will make the text here larger

Also, works with Unicode and IPA. Example: {{big|{{unicode|ὡ}}}} will produce:

To put this chart on your User page for reference use: {{font size templates}}