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Rollback Vandalism[edit]

Ultraviolet's default rollback icons

Extended functionality[edit]

Ultraviolet provides nearly 20 quick rollback reasons, all of these will also automatically set both a rollback reason and a warning for the user.

Supports rollback and rollback-like functionality[edit]

Unlike Twinkle, Ultraviolet supports both rollback and rollback-like functionality for users with rollback permissions. This significantly decreases waiting times during rollbacks.

You can change your rollback method under Preferences > Behaviour > Rollback Method. Please note that you can only change your rollback behavior if you are a rollbacker.

Rollback from contributions pages without going anywhere[edit]

Unlike Twinkle, you can rollback edits from a contribution page without being sent to a different page – Ultraviolet does it quickly and easily in one click.

Rollback previews[edit]

If you’re ever worried about the changes a rollback will make, especially in the case of reverting good faith edits, you can click the preview rollback button to preview the difference a rollback will make, with the version that will be restored on the right, and the latest revision on the left.

Warn Vandals[edit]


Ultraviolet is built for speed. Large UI elements reduce misclicking. When you rollback using Ultraviolet, you are not sent to a different page to warn the user, instead, Ultraviolet automatically opens a dialog to allow you to warn the user. Ultraviolet can automatically select a warning level and, on most vandalism types, automatically select a warning template.

Don't like automatic warning and reason selection? Disable the right-click menu under Ultraviolet Preferences > Behaviour > New Notice auto-select level

Know what action to take[edit]

Ultraviolet detects the user’s last warning level and automatically selects the new warning level accordingly.

The icon next to the notice target will show you the highest warning the user has received this month. Ultraviolet will also automatically select a warning level based on this.

Instant previews with ‘X-Ray’[edit]

Always know what notice you are going to send. The preview updates as you change the notice parameters, reducing errors and overly harsh messages. You can also click the pencil or eye icon next to any Wikitext preview input to switch between a preview and directly editing the underlying Wikitext.

Select a related page from a list of recent pages[edit]

If you’ve traversed through multiple pages to warn a user, you can select the related page from a list of your 20 recently visited pages. This data is stored offline on your computer only, and is never shared publicly.

Report Users[edit]

To AIV[edit]

If a user has already received a level 4 warning the warning dialog will automatically alert you to that and open up a new dialog to report them to AIV.

Trust and Safety and Oversight Reports[edit]

With Ultraviolet, you can immediately report edits or users to either Oversight or Wikimedia Trust and Safety.


You can use Ultraviolet by interacting with the icons at the top of a page, or in the sidebar, depending on your preferences and skin.

Easy to use: Modern, user-friendly UI[edit]

Unlike other tools, Ultraviolet uses easy to interpret icons and simple summaries for common actions, reducing both learning and reading times. If you're unsure about what an icon does, just hover over it with your cursor. In addition, Ultraviolet uses Google's Material Design language to increase user experience.


Ultraviolet's UI colour schemes, as seen in the preferences page

Ultraviolet provides a number of customisation features. Easily customise behaviour, icons and many other options to suit you.


With Ultraviolet, you can hold shift and right click any link to a user or IPs user page, talk page, or contributions page to access quick actions such as sending a new notice or leaving a new talk page message, in addition to quickly accessing pages such as the users edit count, pronouns, central auth page, contributions page and block, edit filter and other logs.

Don't like it? Disable the right-click menu under Ultraviolet Preferences > Behaviour > User right-click menu.

The alert on change button

Extra Features[edit]

Alerts on new changes[edit]

Enabling Ultraviolet’s “Alert on Change” feature will automatically send you to the latest edit when a new edit occurs on a specific article – and if you’re working on something else, Ultraviolet will send you a notification while the tab is still open in the background. No time wasted. You can also use the “Latest Revision” button to quickly load the diff page for the latest revision.

Review Pending Changes[edit]

With Ultraviolet, you can review pending changes and notify users of their errors during a revert so that good faith editors can improve their reverted edits.

No more confusing "has made x edits in a row" messages[edit]

Ever been trying to revert vandalism, only to get an irrelevant message about how many edits have been made in a row? No more, and if you’re worried about the changes, you should preview the rollback first.

Always the latest revision[edit]

Ultraviolet will automatically redirect you to the latest revision if the rollback is no longer for the latest revision – no more frustrating errors with persistent vandals or when another editor reverts the changes.

No waiting around[edit]

Ultraviolet refreshes the page as soon as the edit is applied.