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4th quarter 2010

  • Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion
    • Under WP:A3, added: "This also applies to articles consisting entirely of the framework of the Article wizard with no additional content beyond the above."
    • Under WP:F7, added: "Non-free images or media from a commercial source (eg Associated Press, Getty), where the file itself is not the subject of sourced commentary, are considered an invalid claim of fair use and fail the strict requirements of WP:NFCC; and may be deleted immediately.
    • Under WP:F9, removed: [This does not include images] "used under a claim of fair use".

September 2010
  • Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion
    • Under the WP:A7 anchor, added: [The criterion does not apply to any article that makes any credible claim of significance or importance even if the claim is not supported by a reliable source] "or does not qualify on Wikipedia's notability guidelines." Added footnote: "It is irrelevant whether the claim of notability within the article falls below the notability guidelines. If the claim is credible, the A7 tag can not be applied."
    • Under the WP:R3 anchor, added: "This criterion also applies to redirects created as a result of a page move of pages created with an implausible title."
    • Under the WP:F2 anchor, removed: [This also includes] "empty (i.e., no content)" [image description pages for Commons images.]
August 2010
  • Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion
    • Under the WP:A1 and WP:A3 anchors, added: "Caution is needed when using this tag on newly-created articles."
    • Under the WP:F3 anchor, added: "for Wikipedia use only"
    • Under the WP:F5 anchor, added: [may be deleted ...] "immediately if the image's only use was on a deleted article and it is very unlikely to have any use on any other valid article."

July 2010

  • Wikipedia:Proposed deletion
    • Changed the first paragraph to: "Proposed deletion is the way to suggest that an article is uncontroversially a deletion candidate, but that it does not meet the more stringent criteria for speedy deletion. If no editors object, nominated pages are deleted after seven days. This process reduces the load on the articles for deletion (AfD) process, but should not be used to bypass discussion at AfD."
    • In WP:PROD#Nominating, added: [... alternatives to deletion,] "including whether or not merging the article elsewhere or making it a redirect are more appropriate than deletion."