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Redirects are now listed in Category:Stub template redirects.
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This page was used to relate information on the many redirects for stub templates whose existence is indicated by the code *R associated with particular stub types at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types (WP:WSS/ST).

Features of the list:

  • Sort is alphabetically by target template title
    e.g. according to "Baseball-stub" for redirects pointing to {{Baseball-stub}}
  • Orphan status and date of assessment are provided for each redirect
    a template is considered orphaned if all links from the main article space have been removed, which might leave any number of Wikipedia and Talk space links remaining
  • For some redirects, an approximate number of articles using the redirect is given in brackets after the date of assessment.
  • Wikilinks for redirects use the "redirect=no" parameter
  • Each redirect is associated with a descriptive template link that describes the basic reason for the redirect
    see Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages for the full list of these templates
  • Code *D
    • if it precedes the redirect link, the redirect has been listed for deletion at WP:SFD
    • if it precedes the target template link, the target template has been listed for deletion at WP:SFD

List of redirects by target template[edit]