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This is a list of stubs to be used on topics related to Africa. If you include the {{Africa-stub}} tag in the body of an article the article becomes listed in Category:Africa stubs; the below listing contains more specific stub templates related to Africa. Please note that creation of stub templates and categories is organised by WikiProject Stub sorting. Any new stub types should be proposed at WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals for debate prior to creation.

General, places, and structures[edit]

There are separate stub messages for all individual African countries, and all countries except Western Sahara now have geography stubs. For geo-stubs which lie in more than one country, there is a general {{Africa-geo-stub}}, and there are geo-stubs for the five regions too. They are: {{AfricaW-geo-stub}}, {{AfricaN-geo-stub}}, {{AfricaE-geo-stub}}, {{AfricaC-geo-stub}}, and {{AfricaS-geo-stub}}. Other general African building and place stubs are {{Africa-struct-stub}}, {{Africa-protected-area-stub}}, {{Africa-school-stub}}, {{Africa-airport-stub}}, {{Africa-RC-diocese-stub}}, {{Africa-sports-venue-stub}}, and {{Africa-university-stub}}.

There is also {{Azores-geo-stub}} for the Azores, though this does not have Category:Africa geography stubs as a parent category.


There are also African biography-related stub messages. If you include the {{Africa-bio-stub}} tag in the body of an article the article becomes listed in Category:African people stubs.

The following countries have their own biographical stubs:

Ethnic groups[edit]

In addition to {{Africa-ethno-group-stub}}, there are several more specific ethnicity stubs:


There are three stub types for African languages, corresponding to the three largest African language families: