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WikiProject Baseball style advice applies to articles within the scope of WikiProject Baseball. It represents the consensus view of editors interested in maintaining Wikipedia's articles about baseball. As the recommendations strike a balance between differing views, some may appear less than perfect. Nonetheless, please respect them, and feel free to discuss the style advice on the WikiProject Baseball discussion page.



Any topic meeting Wikipedia's general notability guideline (WP:GNG) is always notable. However, to assist in determining when a baseball figure is likely to meet WP:GNG, the following set of criteria has been agreed upon:

Again, all of those who meet WP:GNG are notable, even if they do not meet WP:BASEBALL/N.

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Linking to other articles[edit]

In accordance with Wikipedia's principle of least astonishment, make sure readers know what to expect when they click on a link. The most obvious destination for a given hyperlinked phrase is preferred. However, where the immediately surrounding words or context limits the scope of the phrase, then an alternative may be sensible. Examples:

  • In tables containing a list of annual results, such as the first table of league champions in List of National League pennant winners, as the scope of each row is limited to a single year, the team name in the "Team" column can link to the season article for that team. The table's legend should clearly identify the destination for the link in each column.[1]

Note each case must be evaluated on its own merits.



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