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This worklist for the Chemistry WikiProject gives structure and organization to all the work to do. It should be aligned with the goals of the WikiProject. Most topics have articles written, but these articles need to be brought to a higher level of quality. For lists and assessments of chemical compounds, see the WP Chemicals worklist.

Fields of chemistry[edit]

Fields of chemistry
Write a full page for each of the major sub-disciplines within chemistry.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Analytical chemistry Start Needs more content
Biochemistry B-Class Good, just needs refs & a little work
Chemical industry Stub Needs more content
Chemistry B-Class Needs refs, a little cleanup/content
Chemistry education Stub
Electrochemistry B-Class Strong on history & principles, need techniques
Environmental chemistry Start Very short at present
Geochemistry Stub
History of chemistry B-Class Some missing topics: organic, thermo, green chem,
and some sections (elements?) need expansion.
Inorganic chemistry Start
Materials science B-Class Needs more content, sections, refs
Medicinal chemistry Start
Organic chemistry B-Class Needs much more content, refs
Organometallic chemistry Start
Physical chemistry Stub
Polymer chemistry Start
Theoretical chemistry Start

Chemical engineering could have been included, but this is mainly engineering, and there are some other interdisciplinary areas omitted for similar reasons. Quantum and Computational are covered under Theoretical, as agreed here.


Key concepts
Write a full page for 30 important concepts such as solution, from a variety of areas of chemistry.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Acid B-Class Needs some cleanup and some content.
Some long lists need dealing with.
Aromaticity B-Class Needs more content, full MO section, refs
Base (chemistry) Start More content needed, refs
Chemical bond B-Class Nice, close to A-Class, just needs tweaking, more refs.
Chemical element B-Class Decent, but needs a bit more, + refs
Chemical equation B-Class Rather too much on "how to balance",
not enough on what they are.
Chemical equilibrium Start Needs more basic description and content,
only math at present.
Chemical formula Start No line-angle formula, no mention of Laws of Composition.
Catalyst Start Could use: Diagrams (lower Ea), organometallic cats,
importance in green chemistry, etc.
Chemical kinetics B-Class Very nicely done so far, but needs more
Chemical reaction B-Class A bit of a hotchpotch, needs rewrite + content
Chemical substance B-Class Mainly points to types of substance. Definition also seems iffy
Chemical thermodynamics Stub Called Thermochemistry
Colloid B-Class Good intro, needs more
Complex (chemistry) B-Class Needs more structure & much more content.
Crystal Start
Crystallography B-Class Very nicely done, but no refs
Electronegativity Start Basic at present, but lovely table of EN values
Gas Start Pretty basic at present
Ion Start Needs much more content
IUPAC nomenclature Start A great start, then it stops!
Liquid Start Pretty embarrassing for such a major concept!
Organic synthesis B-Class Could be expanded a bit, some examples added?
Polymer B-Class Good solid start, but needs more
e.g. living polymers, dendrimers, also pics.
Redox B-Class Reads rather like a textbook at times. Also needs
more, e.g. mention more on oxidn. # and electrochemistry.
Solid Stub As with liquid, embarrassing!
Solution Start Good intro, needs more
Solvent B-Class A good start, maybe some more P-Chem & pictures
Spectroscopy B-Class Very nice, just needs refs (+ more pix?) to be A-Class

Remark: I think a number of these would be better served by a unified article: such as acid and base (but what is the article title?) and solution and solvent (and solute, if it were on the list). Shimmin 19:17, 5 December 2005 (UTC)

I think the approach used with {{Acids and Bases}} could be usefully expanded to many of these topics. See also Featured topics. Physchim62 (talk) 13:39, 9 December 2005 (UTC)

Aqueous is basically a stub with a redirect to water. I have replaced it with Ion which seems pretty important, is this OK? Walkerma 18:28, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

I disagree with solution & solvent being unified, I think these are both significant enough and different enough to warrant their own articles. Walkerma 02:21, 7 March 2006 (UTC)


Write a full page for a selection of 40 "giants of chemistry" such as Antoine Lavoisier.
15 of these should be historical figures from early history up to the 18th century, while another 15 should have been active during the 19th century. The last 10 should be from the 20th and 21st century.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Date Status Life Remark
Jabir ibn Hayyan Jun 24, 06 B-Class 721-815 Cleanup tag
Roger Bacon A-Class 1214-1294 Isn't Bacon more a
general scientist?
Georg Agricola Jun 24, 06 Start 1490-1555
Paracelsus Jun 24, 06 Start 1493-1541
Basilius Valentinus Jun 24, 06 Start 15th century
Nicolas Flamel Jun 24, 06 Start 15th century
Andreas Libavius Jun 24, 06 Stub 1550-1616
Jan Baptist van Helmont Jun 24, 06 B-Class 1577-1644 sectioning
Robert Boyle Jun 24, 06 B-Class 1627-1692 Failed GA
Carl Wilhelm Scheele Jul 2, 06 Start 1742-1786
Antoine Lavoisier Jul 2, 06 A-Class 1743-1794
Claude Louis Berthollet Jul 2, 06 Stub 1748-1822
John Dalton Jul 2, 06 A-Class 1766-1844
Jöns Jakob Berzelius Jul 2, 06 Start 1779-1848
Michael Faraday Jul 2, 06 A-Class 1791-1867
Humphry Davy Jul 2, 06 Start 1778-1829 sectioning, publications,
Justus von Liebig Jul 2, 06 A-Class 1803-1873
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Jul 2, 06 Start 1811-1899
Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz Jul 2, 06 Start 1829-1896
Dmitri Mendeleyev Jul 2, 06 B-Class 1834-1907
Adolf von Baeyer Jul 23, 06 Start 1835-1917
William Perkin Jul 23, 06 B-Class 1838-1907 More refs needed,
article mainly on mauve
Josiah Willard Gibbs Jul 23, 06 B-Class 1839-1903 More refs
Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff Jul 23, 06 B-Class 1852-1911 rather short
Svante Arrhenius Jul 23, 06 B-Class 1859-1927 sectioning,
rather unbalanced
(weak on Eact work)
Walther Nernst B-Class 1864-1941 rather short
Alfred Werner Stub 1866-1919
Marie Curie A-Class 1867-1934
Ernest Rutherford B-Class 1871-1937 sectioning
Gilbert N. Lewis B-Class 1875-1946 sectioning, references
Irving Langmuir A-Class 1881-1957
Linus Pauling A-Class 1901-1994
Paul Flory Start 1910-1985
Robert B. Woodward A-Class 1917-1979
Elias James Corey Start 1928-

Chemical reactions[edit]

Important chemical reactions
Write a full page for 15 major classes of chemical reactions.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Assessment
Alkylation Start Mar 31 2006 Mainly petrochem alkylation
Acylation Start Mar 31 2006 Needs better writing + more content
Condensation reaction Start Mar 31 2006 Needs some examples, figures
Coupling reaction Start Mar 31 2006 A bit of a hotch-potch mix now
Electrophilic aromatic substitution B-Class Mar 31 2006 Mostly there, needs general cleanup
Electrophilic addition Start Mar 31 2006 Basic intro only, needs much more
Free radical addition Stub Mar 31 2006 Just one example rxn at present
Free radical substitution Start Mar 31 2006 A good start
Nucleophilic substitution B-Class Apr 1 2006 Needs some inorganic examples + more unsatd substitn
Hydration reaction Stub Apr 1 2006 Very narrow
Hydrolysis Start Apr 1 2006 A bit of a hotch-potch
Neutralization Start Apr 1 2006 Very basic, needs wikifying
Nucleophilic acyl substitution Start Apr 1 2006 Good start, needs more
Nucleophilic addition Start Apr 1 2006 A lot of lists, rather an odd collection of topics
Oxidative addition Start Apr 1 2006 Nice start
Pericyclic reaction Start Apr 1 2006 Very basic coverage of chem

Industrial processes[edit]

Industrial processes
Write a full page for 10 important chemical processes used in industry.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Date Status Remark
Blast furnace 20 Mar 2006 B-Class Does the making of iron/steel deserve its own article?
Chemical vapor deposition 20 Mar 2006 Start CVD. Good but very brief
Chloralkali process 20 Mar 2006 Stub
Contact process 20 Mar 2006 Start Needs rewrite
Cracking (chemistry) 20 Mar 2006 B-Class Petrochemical. Good descriptions of types, needs refs
Hydroformylation 20 Mar 2006 Stub
Haber process 20 Mar 2006 Start
Hall-Heroult process 20 Mar 2006 Start
Saponification 20 Mar 2006 Start An odd selection of material!
Solvay process 20 Mar 2006 B-Class No refs

Lab techniques and analytical methods[edit]

Lab techniques and analytical methods
Write 20 complete articles on common laboratory techniques (e.g., filtration) and analytical techniques.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Centrifuge Apr 26, 2006 Start Centrifugation is a stub
Chromatography Apr 26, 2006 B-Class V. nice! Just needs some refs
to be A-Class
Cyclic voltammetry Apr 26, 2006 Start
Distillation Apr 26, 2006 B-Class
Gel electrophoresis Apr 26, 2006 B-Class
Filtration Apr 26, 2006 Start
Fractional distillation Apr 26, 2006 Start
Gas-liquid chromatography Apr 26, 2006 B-Class
Gravimetric analysis Apr 26, 2006 Stub
High performance liquid chromatography Apr 26, 2006 B-Class Cleanup tag, I did some cleanup
Infrared spectroscopy Apr 26, 2006 B-Class Close to A-Class, but needs refs
Laboratory glassware Aug 25, 2006 B-Class Close to A-Class, but needs refs
Liquid-liquid extraction Apr 26, 2006 B-Class Long but needs cleanup
Mass spectrometry Apr 26, 2006 B-Class Long but rather messy, also
POV dispute & merge tag
NMR spectroscopy Apr 26, 2006 B-Class Needs more on the basics IMHO
Recrystallisation Apr 26, 2006 Start Not much more than a stub
Reflux Apr 26, 2006 Start
Titration Apr 26, 2006 B-Class No refs, but getting close to A
UV/VIS spectroscopy Apr 26, 2006 Start
X-ray crystallography Apr 26, 2006 B-Class

Should we be considering Differential scanning calorimetry?

Functional groups[edit]

Functional groups
Write a full article covering the 12 major organic functional groups using the class name, such as aldehyde.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Alcohol B-Class Needs some chem, refs
Aldehyde Start Pretty basic now
Alkane B-Class Close to A, but needs refs
Alkene B-Class On its way, but needs more content all round.
Is the naming IUPAC or American?
Alkyne Start
Amide Start
Amine Start A fairly long start, but needs much more
Aromatic compounds Currently a dab to aromaticity, covered under
concepts. Should we remove it from here?
Carboxylic acid Start Balanced start, but needs more
Ester Start
Haloalkane Start Heavily weighted towards CFCs et al
I think we need a separate alkyl halide page
Ketone Start Lots of headings, not a lot of content!

Common ions[edit]

Common ions
Write a full article for 12 ions, including the ammonium ion and 11 major anions such as chloride.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Acetate Stub
Ammonium Start
Carbonate Stub
Chloride Stub
Fluoride Start Neutrality dispute
Hydroxide Stub need to split out material on Hydroxyl radical
Nitrate Start
Oxide Start
Phosphate Start
Silicate Stub
Sulfide Start
Sulfate Start

Physical chemistry topics[edit]

Physical chemistry topics
Write a full article for 10 major topics in physical chemistry,
principally in chemical kinetics and chemical thermodynamics.
The status is the assessment of their completeness.
Wikipage Status Remark
Acid dissociation constant B-Class needs info on determination of pKa values
Activation energy Stub essay without sections
Activated complex Stub
Avogadro's law Start good start, could use some historical discussion
Dipole moment redirects to Dipole
Equilibrium constant Start
Enthalpy B-Class needs more verbal explanation of all the equations, otherwise OK
Entropy Start in a fairly dire state as far as information content is concerned, work in progress
First law of thermodynamics B-Class
Gas laws Start factually inaccurate in several places
Gibbs free energy B-Class
Hess's law Stub
Paramagnetism Start
Photoinduced electron transfer Stub A two sentence, unreferenced article.
Rate law Start
Reaction rate B-Class
Second law of thermodynamics Start PoV dispute (creationism)
Solubility product See Solubility equilibrium
Standard enthalpy change of formation Start
Standard enthalpy change of reaction Stub
Third law of thermodynamics Stub
Arrhenius' law
Steady state approximation
Transition state
Internal energy
Helmholz free energy
Chemical potential
Standard molar entropy
Heat capacity
Phase diagram
Clausius-Clapeyron equation
Kinetic theory of gases
Joule-Thomson expansion
Boltzmann distribution
Carnot cycle A-Class could be still be improved, but nothing really to argue with
Triple point
Critical point