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Consumer Reports square logo WikiProject Consumer Reports develops Wikipedia articles on consumer protection using expert information from Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit organization which works with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world. Both Wikipedia and Consumer Reports are non-profit media organizations and share a common goal of providing the best available information to people who are seeking it. Consumer Reports contributes information to Wikipedia to advance its mission of supporting consumers in making informed decisions in the marketplace. Consumer Reports does not publish advertising or accept any compensation from manufacturers.

About WikiProject Consumer Reports[edit]

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Consumer Reports was established in 1936 to advance the Consumer Movement through product testing and advocating for consumer rights. Today the organization employs 500 people to conduct experiments at its laboratories, report the results, do journalism on consumer issues, and present the consumer perspective in policy discussions.

In Wikipedia, Consumer Reports has developed Wikipedia articles about products, added safety information to medical articles using information from the Choosing Wisely campaign and Best Buy Drugs, and presented Wikipedia editing training events in partnership with the regional Wikipedia chapter, Wikimedia New York City.

Do you have questions about the Consumer Reports' partnership with Wikipedia? Contact Lane Rasberry, Wikipedian in Residence at Consumer Reports!

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  • call 914.378.2684 during office hours EST. This number is in New York.


Consumer Reports has developed Wikipedia content since 2012. Since then, there have been changes about every 6 months in standards for how projects can track and report what they do on Wikipedia, and consequently, information and tracking is in several systems and not listed centrally. There is not currently a way to view all the changes made by and for Consumer Reports, but for some guidance, here are some project pages and notes.

Choosing Wisely[edit]

Choosing Wisely is an educational campaign from ABIM Foundation to share information about unnecessary health care. In the campaign, medical specialty societies in the United States wrote recommendations for physicians and patients to improve health care. Consumer Reports is a consumer partner in the campaign and continues to share information from this campaign on Wikipedia.

School outreach[edit]

In 2015-16 Consumer Reports conducted an outreach campaign to encourage health science students in New York to develop Wikipedia articles. In the campaign, schools could host Wikipedia training events either in classes or as workshops in the school's library. At the events students and university staff would edit Wikipedia articles relating to whatever they were studying in the classes. The events followed the model of the Wikipedia Education Program and were presented in partnership with Wikimedia New York City and WikiProject Med Foundation.

Best Buy Drugs[edit]

"Best Buy Drugs" is an educational campaign from Consumer Reports to help consumers make choices about the drugs they use based on scientific evidence and expert medical advice. Consumer Reports is an nonprofit organization which seeks to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world. Consumer Reports creates and provides information without sponsorship, advertising, or influence from commercial organizations.