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Wikipedia has generally developed in a rather organic fashion but it is now at such a size that some planning should take place to make sure any new articles are developed efficiently. This will save editing time and the main task of building Wikipedia will happen quicker.

There is an increasing interest and awareness of environmental issues and Wikipedia should be building up the number of articles in this area.

Articles about the environment and environmental issues relating to regions or countries are being sporadically developed. It is interesting to note that articles exist for some "Third World" countries and not for the "developed" countries.

Articles on very specific topics seem to have been the first to have been written. These articles now need to be brought together with articles such as those that I propose here.


The eventual aim should be a series of articles entitled:

  • Environment of Foo - what currently exists and how it is protected
  • Environmental history of Foo - what has happened
  • Environmental issues of Foo - documents protests, problems and status of the environment in relation to other Foo.
  • Environmental law of Foo

Foo is either a region, country, state, region within a country or a city. Some example of these already exist: eg. Environmental issues of Africa, Environmental issues in New York City.

Environment of Foo[edit]

Environment of Foo article would document the current situation. These articles should have as many of the following as sections:

  • Climate?
  • Biota
  • Energy consumption
    • Trends
    • Renewable vs Non-renewable
  • Protected areas
  • Environmental policy and law

Environmental ranking[edit] progress.

Environmental history of Foo[edit]

  • Anthropogenic effects on the environment from first human settlement
  • Successful or unsuccessful environmental campaigns
  • Notable environmental disasters

Environmental issues of Foo[edit]

  • Current issues
  • Comparison of environmental indicators to similar Foo and to the global mean
    • Biodiversity
      • Exinctions
    • Energy usage
    • Pollution levels
    • Population trends
  • State of biodiversity
    • Invasive species
  • Energy usage (focus on non-nonrenewables)
    • Comparison to similar countries
  • Resource use
    • Water
    • Minerals
    • Oil
    • Forests
    • Fisheries


Environmental issues


  • Environmental Science, Miller, G. Tyler