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JMIR Publications, publisher of the Journal of Medical Internet Research, pilot-tested an innovative peer-reviewed journal JMIR Wiki Medical Reviews in 2013,[1] which set out to publish Wikipedia (Review) and Wikiversity (Original Works) papers.

Authors who have made significant contributions to Wikipedia articles are invited to submit the article to

JMIR Wiki Medical Reviews (JMIR Wiki Med Rev) is an innovative journal which takes the best wikipedia articles in medicine, peer-reviews them, and publishes them as citable scholarly review article, with the goals to 1) Improve Wikipedia articles, 2) enhance public trust in the accuracy of medical Wikipedia articles, 4) improve visibility and indexing of outstanding Wikipedia articles (e.g. by indexing in bibliographic databases and featuring them on JMIR), 5) to acknowledge authors who volunteer their time on wikipedia to improve articles by listing them as authors in a "citable" publication, 6) to add an additional layer of formal peer-review to wikipedia articles[2]

JMIR Publications will publish the first 20 articles free of charge, deposit them in PubMed Central, and will apply for PubMed indexing. JMIR Wiki Medical Reviews is hoped to become the first peer-reviewed journal publishing Wikipedia articles.

Dr James Heilman has agreed to serve as Editor-in-chief, other editorial board members are to be recruited (ideally active in Wikipedia Medicine). Editorial board members encourage Wikipedia authors to submit their articles to the journal for peer-review, select external peer-reviewers, and guide articles through the peer-review process. The publisher (JMIR Publications, represented by Dr Dr Gunther Eysenbach) will coordinate production, which includes converting the Wikipedia article into XML, and depositing the articles in various bibliographic databases and full text databases. It is hoped that the journal will be Medline-indexed and will receive an impact factor. For the latter it is important to primarily publish articles which will be highly cited.

Submission criteria[edit]

For a Wikipedia article to be eligible for submission it must be currently a featured article

Style guidelines[edit]

The style guidelines are the same as WP:MEDMOS and WP:MOS.

Editorial board[edit]


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