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Things you can do (edit)

Here are some tasks you can do:

This is a subproject of the Moldova project dedicated to improving articles related to Chișinău. To add articles to the subcategories of Category:Chișinău task force articles, use the Chisinau=yes switch of the {{WikiProject Moldova}} banner on an article's talk page.

To join, just add your name to the members list. Discussion takes place on the talk page.



  • Create and improve articles on Chișinău-related topics


The articles in Category:Unassessed Chișinău articles need a quality assessment, see the main WP:MDL assessment scale.


The complete list can be found at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Chișinău articles by quality. Changes can be seen at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Chișinău articles by quality log.

Missing articles[edit]

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If you create a missing article, please announce it at the announcement page. If the article meets the criteris for Did you know (referenced and interesting), please nominate it at T:TDYK so it can appear on the Main Page.

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Articles on Chișinău-related subjects featured on the Main Page's Did you know? section:

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