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Kawasaki ZXR 750RR (1995)

Welcome[edit] the Wikiproject Motorcycling Japanese Motorcycles Special Interest Group, which aims to ensure that the coverage of Japanese motorcycles on Wikipedia is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.


To join the group please add yourself to the list:

  • Thruxton - once had a Suzuki GT750 (still one of the smoothest bikes I've ever owned) and toured France on my Yamaha XV1600A.
  • H2RICK I'm a restorer and collector of older Japanese bikes, mainly from the 1970s. I actually worked as a mechanic on Suzuki, Ducati, Ossa and Hodaka bikes back in the early-mid 1970s....but then I got a real job. Now those bikes are my hobby.
  • sid I'm a restorer and collector of classic Kawasaki's from the 70's and 80's. I have published in magazines and am currently writing a book on Classic Japaenese Motorcycle Restoration.
  • Barnstarbob I've owned several Yamaha motorcycles including a '75 XS 650, '79 SR500, '80 SR500.
  • 23grad - i bought a Honda CB450 K5 in pieces and want to make it run again

Special Categories[edit]

The special Category Category:Japanese motorcycles has been created to bring together all Japanese motorcycle articles on Wikipedia, so it is the first place to look to find the gaps or to expand existing articles.

Japanese motorcycle images[edit]

We have been building up a comprehensive collection of Japanese motorcycle images at the WikiMedia Commons, organised by make of bike. Please have a look and see if you can identify any which have incomplete information - and add any copyright free images that you have.

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers[edit]

The list of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers is held in Category:Motorcycle manufacturers of Japan. The aim is to cover envery known producer of Japanese motorcycles. Each article should have the template Template:Infobox Company completed in as much detail as possible - with any units converted, which can be quite complicated until you get used to it so its worth referring to Template:Convert.


Please add any reliable Japanese motorcycle internet resources you find below:

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