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WikiProject: Motorsport - Subjects of significance

One aspect of WikiProject:Motorsport's focus is that of improving aspects of motorsport that are not covered by other projects. Significant orphaned subjects that need our attention are outlined below. Tasks that relate to these subjects can be added to the Project Task List.

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The DTM[edit]

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters and its associated articles need to be maintained and updated, including the creation of the 2007 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season article. Existing articles may need some work to standardise their appearance, particularly with regard to results tables, and some notable teams and drivers may still need articles to be created.

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The GP2 series[edit]

The area of GP2 would benefit from quite a lot of work. The main article is just a Start-class and lacks some important information. Many of the driver articles are brief and not-very-well written Stubs, some of which may need to establish notability. There are not very many team articles, and a lack of images!

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Grand Prix racing (pre-Formula One)[edit]

There is very little coverage of this at present. The European Championship is the only major contribution so far, and only has a general coverage of articles. A lot of driver profiles do not have any structure, comprising just a bullet pointed list of major victories. There is a vast history but most of it has not been mentioned here!

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GT Racing[edit]

National and international GT racing is currently a bit forlorn and forgotten on Wikipedia. Articles such as the British GT Championship could be improved a lot, and there are other notable subjects that lack articles, such as the FFSA GT Championship for example. Visit WikiProject Sports Car Racing for related information. (Note: the "GT Racing" link currently redirects to a console game).


Off-road racing[edit]

There is very limited coverage of even the main article of the genre. The articles on series with national television coverage in the United States (CORR, SCORE International, SODA, and Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group) are stubs that need major expansion. Very few drivers or teams have articles. Most tracks do not have articles. The only significant article is the Baja 1000. Other notable races such as the Baja 500 do not even have articles. There is a vast history of off-road racing but little of it has not been mentioned here!

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Junior Formula Racing[edit]

Formula Renault and Formula Ford are ripe for improvement, as they have been neglected to some degree. FRenault in particular needs to be re-written and expanded, with more sources. FFord has a rich history. Formula Three needs a re-write as well; most of it is there in "kit form", to which can be added sections about the championships that do not warrant their own articles. Those that have their own articles have been through a recent improvement drive, with the addition of some new articles. Chassis manufacturer articles are largely absent, though they are more difficult to research.

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The WTCC[edit]

The World Touring Car Championship – as well as the related articles about the ETCC – needs general updating and improvement. The main article is just a Start-class, without sections and almost no information about technical and sporting rules. As above, most driver articles need some improvement. The manufacturers would benefit from (at the least) more detail about their motorsport activities in their articles; BMW has a dedicated motorsport article.

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World Series by Renault[edit]

This needs a major overhaul. The main article is weak, particularly in technical info, and it has some factual inaccuracies. There are no season articles, though I would suggest that a summary of each season be incorporated into the main article. Driver articles are of mixed quality, with some Stubs and some that struggle to meet notability requirements.