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Wikipedia for Schools-Indian version

The aim of this WikiProject is to help the organisation of articles on English Wikipedia for the purpose of making offline compilations for schools, colleges and general community in India. It is a community project of English language Wikimedians who edit WikiProject India-related articles or belong to India. It has the backing and support of the India chapter and the India Programs office of WMF.


This WikiProject is an offshoot of WikiProject India.


1. Offline Wikipedia for Indian Schools - Full version - (OWIS-FULL) (ONGOING) — This compilation of 7000 to 9000 articles is aimed at providing an amended version of the SOS Children's Village Offline Wikipedia (6474 articles). It will fit in a single DVD.

2. Offline Wikipedia for Indian Schools - 500 version - (OWIS-500). (To be taken up at a later stage. This is mainly for supporting Indic language wiki projects).

Wikipedia for Schools netbook shot in Pune classroom

Present Activity[edit]

At this point of time, only one Project is on in Phase 1 - OWIS-FULL. We have established the framework, and we are looking to begin with selection of topics for four subjects - Arts, IT, Maths & Science. Please add your name to a subject team at this link. As there is loads of work connected with each subject, we recommend that you choose the subject which interests you more.
Note:The other subjects will be dealt with once topics for these four have been selected.


  1. William Steve Roy
  2. A. Mani
  3. Arnav Chaudhary
  4. AshLin
  5. BPositive
  6. DebashisM
  7. Ganeshk
  8. Govind
  9. Gurmeet Singh
  10. Jwild
  11. Kannan shanmugam
  12. Karthik Nadar
  13. Manoj Vivek
  14. Merlaysamuel
  15. MikeLynch
  16. Netha Hussain
  17. Nikhil Sheth
  18. Nikita Belavate
  19. Nitika Tandon
  20. Piyush Madan
  21. Rajasekhar
  22. Ramesh Ramaiah
  23. Ram Shankar Yadav
  24. Srikant Kedia (Odisha1)
  25. utcursch
  26. YuviPanda
  27. Abhijeet Safai
  28. Deepon

Common guidelines for projects[edit]


For each compilation, the following tasks need to be carried out:

  1. Article Selection
  2. Review and content verification
  3. Image collection, processing, and licensing
  4. Work on the non-article content of CD/DVD
  5. CD/DVD cover and other art work
  6. Technology team
  7. CD/DVD production
  8. CD/DVD/USB Distribution
  9. Media and PR
  • There will be four methods for navigation:
    • CONTENTS - In front, a formal structure of level 1 (section) & level 2 (subsection) headings will be available for choice. (Level 3 headings only when articles exceed one thousand in number).
    • SEARCH - standard facilities.
    • INDEX - alphabetical index (as at the end of a book).
    • CATEGORISATION - Categorisation will form an alternative to structure for navigation. For example, all articles on people will have category "People".
  • Nesting of articles is permitted both under level 1 and under level 2 headings. See this for an example.
  • Articles about People will form part of the relevant section they belong to, i.e, Scientists will form part of "Science and Mathematics" section.

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