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List of articles[edit]

A list of all articles on water supply and sanitation, water resources management and irrigation in countries ("sector profiles") as well as water management in cities can be found here: List of water country sector profiles


The objective of the WikiProject water supply and sanitation is to improve and expand articles related to water supply and sanitation. Most of the articles in this category are sector profiles for water and sanitation in various countries. However, other articles that are not sector profiles have been tagged as belonging to this project. It may be useful to revive or recreate the inactive Wikipedia:WikiProject Water and sanitation and that all articles that are not country sector profiles should be moved there.

Water and sanitation country sector profiles describe institutional and financial aspects of water supply and sanitation sectors (inputs), as well as the benefits provided to users (outputs) in various countries. Articles use a similar structure in order to facilitate comparisons. Articles focus on access, water use, service quality, institutional responsibility (service provision, policy and regulation, past changes in the institutional structure and recent developments), tariffs, cost recovery, investments and financing. For developing countries a section on external cooperation (foreign aid) in the water and sanitation sector is also included.

Articles on water resources management and irrigation by country are, strictly speaking, not part of the scope of this WikiProject, although they are closely related.

Overview of articles by importance and quality[edit]

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List of articles by popularity[edit]

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If you are new to the project, please take a look at the manual of style on water supply and sanitation articles. It gives hints and describes what to include in the articles. However, the manual is just a guide and you do not have to follow every step described in it. Feel free to change the style and bring in your ideas!

New country articles[edit]

Add articles on new countries, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Priority could be given to large countries that are not yet covered, as well as to smaller developing and transition countries that receive significant amounts of foreign aid for water supply and sanitation. Priority countries for which articles are missing are:


  • Burundi
  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Mali

Europe and Caucasus:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Finland
  • Serbia
  • Sweden


Translate articles from English to French:

For Water supply and sanitation in France numerous sections could be translated to be added to the French article fr:Eau potable en France that is much less detailed than the English article at this point.

Translate new sections from the Spanish versions of the following articles to English:

Translate new sections from the English version of the following articles to Spanish:

Improve existing articles[edit]

The following existing English articles are of high importance and are in need of being improved:

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