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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315, 16 January 2006

The Arbitration Committee did not close any cases this week.

Other cases

No cases were accepted this week.

Other cases involving VeryVerily (user page), editors on WebEx and Min Zhu, editors on Rajput, freestylefrappe (user page), Firebug (user page), and EffK (user page) are in the Evidence phase.

Cases involving Robert I (user page), Sortan (user page), Benjamin Gatti (user page), Gibraltarian (user page), Carl Hewitt (user page), Reddi (user page), Deeceevoice (user page), numerous editors on Neuro-linguistic programming, Johnski (user page), a series of editors on Winter Soldier, and Copperchair (user page) are in the Voting phase.

Motions to close are on the table in cases involving AndriyK (user page), Xed (user page), and voters on webcomics AFDs.

Also this week: A look back

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