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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 26 December, 2007

The Arbitration Committee did not open any new cases this week, and closed one case, leaving five cases currently open.

Closed case

  • Physchim62: This case concerned administrator Physchim62's block of fellow administrator Hesperian. Other users asserted that Physchim62 had misused his administrative tools in the past. After Physchim62 resigned as an administrator while the case was pending, the arbitrators found that Physchim62 resigned "under controversial circumstances," so that he may not seek resysopping without a new RfA.

Evidence phase

  • Dbachmann: A case involving alleged misconduct on the part of administrator Dbachmann and editing by other users on several race-related articles. Arbitrator UninvitedCompany has moved to dismiss the case based on a lack of evidence, but the motion has been opposed by arbitrators Kirill Lokshin and FloNight.

Voting phase

  • RodentofDeath: A case involving alleged personal attacks and policy violations by RodentofDeath on articles including Angeles City. Remedies banning RodentofDeath for one year, and reminding Susanbryce not to use Wikipedia for purposes of advocacy, have the support of two to five arbitrators.

Case suspended

  • Matthew Hoffman: A case involving controversial blocks of MatthewHoffman by a vanished user. Various remedies were proposed including either desysopping or admonishing him and annotating Matthew Hoffman's block log to reflect the arbitrators' view that the blocks were unjustified. A motion has been passed suspending the case for 30 days (until approximately January 20, 2008) to allow for community input at a request for comment.

Motion to close

  • Episodes and characters: A case involving alleged misconduct with regard to the notability of episodes and characters from television series. In the proposed decision, the parties are urged to work collaboratively to seek consensus on the issue.

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