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A worklist on Wikipedia is a list used to track articles, usually including some form of assessment such as this scheme. Worklists at present (July 2006) are principally used by Wikipedia:WikiProjects, in which case the content usually consists of the main articles in the project area. In some cases such as WP:Chem, the worklist is used as a framework for evaluating progress towards the project goals (viz., to produce A-Class articles on a stated list of chemical compounds). Other projects such as Computer and video games and Mathematics include "importance" as a factor. Many of these use Mathbot, see the main bot listing. To have articles read by the bot to create a worklist automatically, see the instructions.

Worklists are also used by the WP:1.0 project as a means of organising and assessing articles prior to publication. Some of these are maintained by WikiProjects, and updated by hand or by the bot.

WikiProject Worklists[edit]

For a list of worklists generated by the bot, updated daily, see the main bot listing. Other lists (below) typically predate the bot and were created manually.

Other worklists[edit]

Wikipedia 1.0 Worklists[edit]