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Just wanted to say thank you to you folks. It's greatly appreciated. — Ched :  ?  02:01, 11 April 2013 (UTC)

That is very kind of you all. Being an admin is nothing like I thought it would be, but it is very rewarding due to the many kind and hard working people here. Dennis Brown - © Join WER 00:08, 26 April 2013 (UTC)

Votum separatum[edit]

The essay encourages “to have thankfulness for those” blah-blah-blah, but it ignores the following problem. There are users who make articles better. Some of them have a heap of barnstars at their user_talk, but not all. I estimate that not even a majority. There is another kind of people, who persistently hover on various teahouses, village pumps, RfCs, noticeboards, and, last but not least, user_talks of their cronies. Their user_talk pages are usually cluttered with barnstars, gifts, and other stuff. Are these users actually so helpful for building an encyclopedia? Most of us know the answer. Is the situation different for sysops? It is not: likewise, one can develop a greed for popular sympathies, or can make really useful things. This problem is not specific to sysops, and even not specific to the wiki, but it exists. IMHO admins who actually “make difficult decisions” have to entirely drop barnstars-collecting attitudes and similar forms of vanity and become accustomed to this situation: actual usefulness to the project has nothing to do with current popular voice. Those who cannot achieve such mental independence, should simply avoid “difficult decisions”. Contamination of the senior staff of a project with vanity carriers may have more detrimental consequences (I saw this, and one time even in a neighbouring project) than loss of several admins due to lack of thankfulness. Incnis Mrsi (talk) 14:57, 8 June 2013 (UTC)