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Single by Namie Amuro
from the album Past Future
B-side Dr.
Released March 18, 2009 (2009-03-18)
(see Release history)
Format CD Single, CD&DVD
Genre J-pop, Electropop, House, Electronica, R&B
Length 3:20 (Wild)
5:41 (Dr.)
Label Avex Trax
Writer(s) T.Kura & Michico, Nao'ymt
Producer(s) T.Kura & Michico, Nao'ymt
Namie Amuro singles chronology
"60s 70s 80s"

"Wild/Dr." (featuring "Wild" and "Dr.") is a song by Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro from her ninth studio album Past<Future (2009). The song was released as the album's lead single on March 18, 2009. It was written by Minchio and produced by T.Kura. The song is a dance pop track, which features instrumentation from synthesizers and keyboards. The track features the a-side "Dr", which is written and produced by Nao'ymt.

The songs received positive reviews from music critics, who commended the songs composition and production. "Wild/Dr." became Amuro's first number one single on Oricon Singles Chart since her 1998 single "I Have Never Seen" and her tenth number one overall. Videos for both "Wild" and "Dr." were shot, the first being set in a futuristic city while the other one based on anime culture.

Background and composition[edit]

Reviving her sales decline with her 2007 album Play and her million-selling greatest hits album Best Fiction, Amuro begun recording her ninth studio album in early-2009.[1][2] Travelling for her Best Fiction Tour, Amuro confirmed that material and singles would appear on several commercial endorsements in 2009 rather than being released independently; both "Wild" and "Dr." appeared as the advertising theme songs for Coca-Cola Zero and a Vidal Sassoon commercial.[3]

Written by Minchio and produced by T.Kura, "Wild" is a uptempo dance-pop song that incorporates synthesizers and keyboards by Nao'ymt.[4][5] "Dr." is an R&B and Opera-inspired dance-pop song that was produced by Nao'ymt.[4][6] Unlike the first, "Dr." features a stacatto marching band during its first and second verses.[5] Both songs were recorded by Ryosuke Kataoka at Azabu-O-Studio, Tokyo.[4][5] The songs were mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound Studios, New York.[4]

Critical reception[edit]

"Wild/Dr." received positive reviews from most music critics. Greg from Selective Hearing commended the production and composition of "Wild", saying its “definitely one of the more interesting tracks I’ve heard from Amuro in a while. It may take some a few spins to get used to.”[5] However, Greg felt the marching band and production “wrecks the flow of the song”.[5] A reviewer at Every Best listed "Wild" at number one on the Top 10 Namie Amruo songs, praising the “addicting” electronic beats and lyrical content.[7] Victoria Goldenberg from Purple Sky magazine commended "Wild" and "Dr." as Amuro's best tracks, stating “The shifting song structure and Bolero samples in "Dr." push the boundaries of the brief pop song, while the succinct, irresistibly punchy rhythms of "Wild" embrace them. Both songs are among Amuro’s best.”[8] Bradley Stern from Muumuse said "Wild" “is a squealing, pulsating electro-infused uptempo number. Namie’s newest is a sweat-worthy stomper with a gloss of dizzying future sounds and manic vocals. In a word: Delicious.”[6] Stern also commended the production and lyrical content of "Dr."[6]

Commercial response[edit]

"Wild" entered at number twenty-seven on the Japan Hot 100, while "Dr." reached sixty-four.[9] The following week, "Wild" reached number one; this became her first and only number one on the chart.[10] It stayed in the charts for nine weeks.[11] In June and October 2009, Both "Wild" and "Dr." were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for exceeding 100,000 ringtone sales.[12][13]

Music videos[edit]

Dr. marks her first fully animated music video[14] and the song was featured in a Vidal Sassoon CM, while Wild was used in a Coca-Cola Zero commercial. The "Wild" music video drew comparisons to Janet Jackson's "Feedback" video, inspired by its galactic theme, setting, and choreography.[15][16]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Wild"   michico T.Kura, michico T.Kura 3:20
2. "Dr."   Nao'ymt Nao'ymt Nao'ymt 5:41
3. "Wild" (Instrumental) michico T.Kura, michico T.Kura 3:20
4. "Dr." (Instrumental) Nao'ymt Nao'ymt Nao'ymt 5:37
Total length:
No. Title Director(s) Length
1. "Wild" (Music video) Caviar, Choreographer: Tetsuharu  
2. "Dr." (Music video) Junpei Mizuzaki (Kamikazedouga), Shuichi Sato, Yasuhiko Shimizu  

Oricon Charts (Japan)[edit]

Release Oricon Singles Chart Peak position Debut sales (copies) Sales total (copies)
18 March 2009 Daily Chart 1 26,983
Weekly Chart 1 75,456 119,352
Monthly Chart 11
Yearly Chart (2009) 45 119,352

Singles - Billboard Japan[edit]

Release Single Chart Peak Position
27 March 2009 "Wild" Billboard Japan Hot 100[17] 1
"Dr." 64
"Wild / Dr." Billboard Japan Hot Singles Sales 1


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Preceded by
"Rescue" by KAT-TUN
Oricon weekly number-one single
March 30, 2009
Succeeded by
"One Room Disco" by Perfume
Billboard Japan Hot 100 number-one single
March 30, 2009