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Sign to the Rich Mountain Wildlife Management Area in Georgia

A Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a protected area set aside for the conservation of wildlife and for recreational activities involving wildlife.

United States[edit]

In the United States, WMAs exist in the following states:

Papua New Guinea[edit]

In Papua New Guinea a Wildlife Management Area is the simplest form of protected area, that protects an area of land or water while retaining full power to landowners to manage their land. WMAs are managed by an elected committee formed of customary landowners.[25]

List of Wildlife Management Areas in Papua New Guinea:


The Community Wildlife Management Areas Consortium (CWMAC) is an umbrella organization for all other organizations in Tanzania.[26] As of 2016 there are 22 WMA's that have received "Authorized Association" (AA) status out of a total of 38 that have been established or gazetted. WMA's include:

  • Burunge - Juhibu Wildlife Management Area: Established in 2003 the 617 square kilometres (238 sq mi) is in the Babati District.[27]
  • Chingoli Wildlife Management Area: Gazetted 2012 it is part of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. The 47 square kilometres (18 sq mi) Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania, a UNESCO World Heritage-Site and the 42.4 square kilometres (16.4 sq mi) of Mozambique.[28]
  • Enduimet Wildlife Management Area: Established in 2003 the 1,282 square kilometres (495 sq mi) WMA is in the Longido District in the Olmolog and Tinga wards in the Western part of the Kilimanjaro Basin. The WMA borders the Kilimanjaro National Park on the South-East, the Tanzania-Kenya political boundary on the north, and the Ngasurai Open Area on the west. Kilimanjaro is approimately 20 square kilometres (7.7 sq mi) west of the WMA center.[29]
  • Iluma Wildlife Management Area: The WMA is located in Kilombero and Ulanga districts of the Morogoro Region in Eastern Tanzania. It is part of Selous ecosystem as well as the Kilombero Valley Ramsar site. The area borders Selous Game Reserve to the East. Most of the district area lies along the Kilombero River valley and part of it in the Rufiji Basin and Selous Game Reserve which extends to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park.
  • Kimbanda Wildlife Management Area
  • Kisungule Wildlife Management Area
  • Mbomip - Pawaga-Idodi Wildlife Management Area
  • Randileni Wildlife Management Area


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